Where the Red Fern Grows Book Review by Anayeli,MMS

A huge smile came to his face as he finally got what he had wished for years at last. Billy, from Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, wanted two hound dogs really bad, but his parents couldn’t help him buy the dogs at the time. So he saved fifty dollars, doing errands and selling things for two years straight. Then when he finally got his dogs he went through happy and tragic times. Even until death.

When Billy got the two things he had always wanted and earned after working hard for a few years,Billy was joyful after he got them and the joy never wore off. I was delighted when he finally got his dogs. This part matters a lot because it leads to more important events eventually.

Once you get what you have always wished for, cherish it. Every moment you have with it will become a precious memory that you will remember forever until it is gone.Billy enjoyed every second with his dogs until they were gone forever.

The description of the scenery and the characters is out of this world. The author goes into great details of what is going to happen. Likewise, the author does the same about how the characters act and show their emotions throughout the entire book, As if it was happening around me.

Realistic-Fiction readers will enjoy the life-like scenery on every page. Billy accomplishes his goal but has to go through sad and tough times with them.

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Anayeli Antonio-Espindola


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