Bullying and Discrimination Adam Fields


People all around the world are affected by bullying and discrimination on a daily basis. Bullying and discrimination can affect lives of many people in many ways. It can lead to people losing jobs, being upset and many other more serious effects to the ones being bullied.


Bullying is very prevalent throughout schools. Over 3.2 million students claim to be bullied per year and of which 1 and 10 will drop out due to bullying. This is a major problem, seeing how kids should have a right to education without being bullied. (DoSomething) If you or another sees bullying occur try to stop it, if you're unable to try to improve the situation by getting an adult to stop the conflict.


Ageism is the discrimination against people for their age. This can be to younger people as well as older. Older people may not be hired due to their age and the company thinking theyre unable to work as well as they used to. Younger people may not be able to get a job due to that they lack experience and because of their young age. (BrandonGaille). Ultimately, there is a very huge ageism problem in the U.S. not allowing people to get jobs if they need them based on our age.


Racism is the number one type of discrimination in America. (USAToday) Over 75% of Americans would agree that it is a serious problem and it is. 6/10 Americans would say that relations are getting worse as well. (USAToday) Racism is the discrimination against a race. In the workplace this is very common because many African Americans feel as if they didn't get the job when they should. Ultimately, racism in America is a huge issue.


Overall, discrimination in anyway or form is detrimental to health due to the effects of it. People all around the world are affected by any form of discrimination and are hurt from it. Help spread awareness by stopping any of this discrimination if it is seen. Ultimately, you may not be

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