Inject Creativity Live September 8, 2021

Welcome to Inject Creativity Live

Congratulations to Erin & Max - a wonderful celebration

AEL Presentation with Mark Christie - Character Animator

Importing Objects as Puppets into Character Animator

Adding Animated Faces to Objects

Thought Leader - Juliette Bentley

Global Projects

  • Teachers have a ripple effect
  • Opening the world to my students rather than limiting the knowledge to the classroom.
  • Being co-learners with our students.
  • 21C Learning skills and Global competencies overlap "Making global connections for both teachers and students meet not only the aims for 21st Century learners but also global competencies."
  • "Every person you'll ever meet will know something you don't." Bill Nye
  • "Creating global connections allows students and teachers to be co-learners building cultural capital and empathy."
  • Invitation for educators to participate in a project "Students Camera Action" where students connect with students around the world with the Sustainable Development Goals. 17 episodes being created for students' participation over two years.
"We are restricted in our location but not restricted in our imagination." Juliette Bentley

2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit - 28th to 30th September


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