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Creativity is the creation of things or ideas that are different than what is normal and are able to inspire the work of others. When I am working on a project, whether it be for art or another class, I try to come up with ideas that maybe no one has thought of yet or no one else is going for that can bring my work to a different level than what is expected. A creative challenge I felt I accomplished well in class so far is the endangered species video project. I was able to combine art, text, and images into one cohesive video that people could watch to learn about the red panda, an endangered animal. I was proud after finishing the video because I knew many others in the class had struggled with it and I was able to complete all the requirements.

Comic Sketchbook Cover, collage

The most important art principle I used was balance. I was able to achieve this principle by placing different pieces of red asymmetrically to even out the cover.

Red Panda Dinner, paper 53

The most important art element I used was color. By using the paint tool in paper 53 I was able to create interest in my drawing with some spots being darker or lighter than others.

Red Panda Video, Explain Everything

The most important art principle was movement. I was able to use the zoom and drawing features of explain everything to create movement in each slide of the video.

Red Panda Advertisement, silk screen

The most important art element used in this project was shape. I combined all types of organic shapes and different colors together to make one image.

Real Life Lichtenstein, Mixed media

The most important art element I used on this drawing was color. To recreate the style of a Lichtenstein painting, I used the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue in the same way that he would in his drawings.

The most important art element was line. I had to use the only tool in Loop, the line tool, to create the animation. In each frame I changed the lines slightly to create movement.

Infinite Stomping, chalk

The most important art element was line. I used varying kinds of lines to create one unified image and to add emphasis.

Various Patterns, KaleidoPaint

The most important art principle was pattern. I had to create patterns using the app Kaleidopaint to recreate Britto's style of art.

Radnor Ruckus, painting

The assignment we were given was to create a piece showcasing our favorite part of Radnor in the style of Britto. The subject of my piece was inspired by the people I observed in Britto's artwork. I also tried to recreate the stained glass look that can be found in his work using colorful patterns and black outlines.

When we were assigned this project, we started by sketching out our ideas in our notebook. I wanted to showcase the Radnor Ruckus in my piece so I decided to draw a person that was cheering for Radnor. After we had come up with the design we were going to use, we made patterns in an app called KaleidoPaint. These designs would be used to replace any spots of solid color in the piece. Next, I drew my sketch onto a canvas board and painted it in. I used the designs I created to fill in sections of the piece. After I had used all of my designs, I painted patterns into any remaining areas. Lastly I used sharpie to create the outlines similar to those found in Britto's artwork.

The subject of my artwork is a cheering Radnor student. The Radnor Ruckus is one of the great things that is unique to Radnor. There is no spirit like Radnor spirit, and I wanted to showcase this in my piece.

Giant Glue Bottle, clay

The most important art element was form. I used form to shape the giant glue bottle that also looked realistic.

Mr. T viewing my presentation
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