Biotechnology Projecy By: Daniel Rader

Cloning- the process of generating a genetically identical copy of a cell or an organism. When a cell replicates itself without any genetic alteration it is reproduced asexually. Prokaryotic organisms produce identical copy's of themselves asexually like bacteria and yeast. The ethics of this are some people's religion are against the fact that any other thing than god can create life.


GMO's- Creating an organism that is different from the original genetic outline. Giving an animal different physical and mental traits.Cleaving the DNA with a restriction enzyme is usually how this is achieved. Can be used to strengthen plants and kill bugs that try to feed on them. Believing that people should let nature take its course and not change.

GMO corn

Stem cell-Adult-from many types of mature body cells. Has the potential to be used for only one type of cell if the cell has been developed out of he stem cell stage. Embryonic stem cells have the potential to become and cell in the body. It does not have any genetic coding yet and no defined job. It has the ability to cure many diseases like diabetes and alltimmers. It is controversial on the fact in order that the most abundant amount of stem cells come from unborn fetuses.

Stem cells

DNA Fingerprint- Each persons "fingerprint" is unique based opon there own DNA makeup. Only identical twins share the same DNA makeup at the beginning of their lives but are susceptible to mutations. Crime scene- using people's DNA to compare to others to help find out people who may have committed a crime. Comparing DNA and waiting for a match. This is controversial in the way that some people feel it violates there rights.

DNA Fingerprints Chart

Personal Ancestry and Paternity Kits- Parnetal kits help a mother or a father of a child determine if it is actually there's and what traits they may gain when they get older. An Acestry kit does somewhat of the same thing and tells you your parents and much farther back. Tells you what part of the wold your from. Controversial on the reason that some people believe it is not right to know the future.

DNA Paternity

PCR and Gel electrophoresis- PCR-A way to make millions of copies of a DNA fragment. Gel electrophoresis-Restriction enzymes used to cut up DNA fragments by size. Samples placed in “wells" which helps separate and hold them for experimentation and other uses including storage. Not very controversial in the way that it does not affect any major religious values.

PCR and Gel electrophoresis

Plasmids, Recombinant DNA and Transgenic organisms- When DNA from 2 different organisms is joined in a lab. One that has altered genes from the other organisms. Can insert recombinant plasmid into bacteria which will divide and produce more human insulin. Controversial in the way that some people believe that you should not be allowed to create life.


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