Rocky's Adventure Diary By: Aidan Kane and Rett andersen 3/30/17 Third period

Sedimentary Rock

Dear diary,

I am being broken down by wind into sediments. The layers of sediments will compact me and I will be cemented with the sediments.

Change to Metamorphic

Dear diary,

I am turning into a metamorphic rock. I am on the plate tectonic boundary that formed the Himalayas. I was carried in the river that I told you about earlier. Heat and pressure is acting on me and it's intense!

Metamorphic Rock

Dear diary,

I am now a metamorphic rock and a parent rock. I am crystalline (foliated) which means I have stripes of crystals between my minerals. All of my friends call me Rocky Balboa.

Change to Igneous

Dear diary,

Now I am melting into magma which is molten rock under the Earth's surface.


Dear diary,

Now I am lava flowing out a volcano! I will cool and harden very fast on the surface of the Earth which means I am extrusive, not intrusive. I will be a very dark black obsidian rock.

Change to Sedimentary

Dear diary,

Now I am being weathered, eroded, and deposited again. Soon I will be back to where I started in the the rock cycle!

The End


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