K-12 Administration Expanding Creativity in your school

Why teach Adobe?

Today the fundamental skills that students need have changed, they need tools to enable creativity and fundamental digital communication skills. Adobe offers those fundamental skills for students and a way for teachers to enable the learning to happen in the classroom.

A teacher perspective on the Creative Cloud, listen to some take aways from teachers that had the opportunity to spend a day with Adobe.

Perhaps you have had a teacher asking you about using the Creative Cloud, or an administrative assistant needing something called Acrobat. Maybe you have teachers asking for new ways to make their courses more creative. Adobe from the beginning has been centered around the idea of solving problems and making the process simpler. This page is here to help with resources so that you can make decisions based on your institutions goals. The best people to learn from can often be our students. Have a quick listen from some students in Idaho about their opportunity to use the Creative Cloud.

The Create Idaho has been around since 2015 and pioneered Creative Cloud at home usage with students. Much can be learned from this program and the state leaders that put together this program that now provides software and certification for over 150 schools in the state. Watch the video below from Certiport to hear about how certification is preparing middle school and high school students to work in these creative tools.

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