Scientific Research Griffin J. McCray; Class 5; Due DAte: May 16th, 2017; Genus: Python

REPRODUCTION is when animals reproduce either sexually or asexually.

HELP WANTED for ORGANISM JOB!!! Applicants must be able to grow and develop, maintain homeostasis, reproduce sexually and/or asexually, use energy, be organized, be made of cells, adapt to an environment, and respond to stimuli.

USING ENERGY: The process of using energy to eat or move.

Sara Viernum, founder of The Wandering Herpetologist, says that pythons, because of their bulk, scoot forward in a usually straight line. According to Viernum, many species are good swimmers, while others are arboreal.

RESPONDING TO STIMULI: Noticing and responding to stimuli such as bodily signals or noises.

GROWING AND DEVELOPING: The process of changing and increasing in size and appearance throughout one's life.

HELP WANTED!!! We need someone to be an organism. Applicants must be able to be organized, be made of cells, respond to stimuli, use energy, adapt to an environment, respond to stimuli, reproduce sexually and/or asexually, and most importantly, grow and develop.

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