Pisa A Unesco World Heritage Site

Describe the site (location)?

This place is the most beautiful place ever it has a lot of ancient history and a lot of people go to visit that place and people go there to watched live performance and they do a lot of shakespear and there like 1000 people watching the play and a lot of actors and movie director they used this place for they can create movies.

Why is this site or location Important?

It was created by one of the actors and they used it for people can go to visit and watched the performance and there is a lot of space and the stage is so big and it is so amazing it looks like a castle inside the tower and a lot of people talk about this place and you can choose your own sit and is so big and then when youre in there you feel like you're in a dream.

Why does the site or location need to be protected?if it were neglected?

Because then this place won't have any ancient history we need to protect this site because that place is an amazing view and it has a lot of sits and it's a old theater but a lot of people used it still for performance and a lot of people like how the theather looks like.

What do visitors to the site need to know?

That is one of the best place that they have ever seen in there lives and that they will love to go see it again and that there is a lot of people that like Pisa and that they love it and that they wish that they can go to the movie and watched live and amazing performance.

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