WW2 By: Tia carter


The world is in the Great Depression and they are just getting out of it and that's what will start WW2.

Adolf Hitler

He became the leader of a political party called the Nazis. In 1933, the Nazis took over Germany and he took over some of the European countries. Also invaded Poland and also France

Benito Mussolini

He was a fascism leader and took over Italy and also joined the Axispwers with Hitler's Nazis and also Japan and he helped Franco take over Spain. Also took over African nations

Fransico Franco

He took over Spain with a little help from Mussolini. He met with Adolf Hitler and asked about Spain joining them but Adolf Hitler rejected it and he outlawed unions and all religions except for Catholicism and Catalan and Basque.

Joseph Stalin

He took over the Soviet Union for ore than 2 decades he also tried to help defeat Nazism and he was a communist party leader and they also invaded Poland and the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union.

Hideki Tojo

He is the Military dictator of Japan. They attacked Pearl Harbor and it was the first attack on the United States because they were trying to stay out of the war.

This is the conclusion

Next will be the Pearl Harbor that got attacked by Japan.
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