Navy S.E.A.Ls by: Ella pitre

BUD/S training is the hardest in the world. BUD/S includes; a physical screening test (PST), which is swimming 500 hundred yards, 42 push ups in under 2 minutes, and 1.5 mile run in under 11 minutes, after your PST you go through boot camp, then off to jump school, after you pass all of those tests, you go into Hell Week.

There are 8 S.E.A.L teams and they consists of 16 man platoons. The specific assignments for the members are; 4 men are snipers, 8 are in the ground squad, and 4 men are on the fire team. These teams are split into remarkably small units so the teams can be more efficient.
S.E.A.L missions are really acted on in different ways. Direct-action missions are when the S.E.A.Ls go to the enemy and are in the direct line of fire. Surprise attacks are usually the go to plan when going on busts. Special Reconnaissance Missions mean, gathering intel about the enemy. The information is usually how many soldiers, how many weapons, location, and the landscape.
The S.E.A.Ls transportation and gear are vitally important. Their main transportation is a watercraft/ship that includes an airstrip/sky deck and many different levels. The S.E.A.Ls have high tech gear, the gear includes bullet proof vests that have built in life preservers, and have lots of different uniforms based on ranks and jobs.


Created with images by Beverly & Pack - "In Honor of Memorial Day 2009, A Funeral Flag, A flag prepared for presentation to the next of kin ... Lion of Fallujah is laid to rest" • Rennett Stowe - "Navy SEAL Training" • DVIDSHUB - "Joining to jump: Force Recon Marines perform parachute training with SEALs, pararescuemen [Image 3 of 6]" • U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet - "130805-N-AZ907-391" • U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet - "USS BOXER (LHD 4)_131111-N-GM561-068"

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