Adobe Creativity Challenge 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit

Thursday 30th September, 2021

Part of the 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit

Intro session - 9.00 AM AEST

Showcase session - 3 PM AEST

This event is for Australasian teachers who are members of the Adobe Creative Education (ACE) Program and the Adobe Education Leaders (AEL) Program.

The Challenge

The challenge is to work online with a team of other educators to produce either one of the following solutions to a problem (to be announced on the day) and showcase the product.

  • Mobile app design with Adobe XD
  • Webpage solution with Spark Page
  • Video solution with Spark Video, Rush or Premiere Pro
  • Infographic with Spark Post, Photoshop, Illustrator &/or InDesign

The Problem

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals that need to be achieved by 2030 to ensure a better future for our globe. Unfortunately, these goals are not widely publicised so we need your team to help promote at least one of them.

The criteria

  • All members of the team need to contribute to the solution;
  • All images & audio need to be either original or royalty free and appropriately credited;
  • Solutions need be showcase-able before 3 PM (videos to be sent to Tim at 2.30 PM);
  • The following phrase & image needs to be featured Let’s leave the world better than when we found it
  • At least one of the 17 UNSDG icons need to be featured


Adobe Stock credits will be awarded to the team members who present the best solutions based on the following general criteria:

  • Artistic Composition
  • Artistic Expression
  • Consistency with Theme
  • Overall Quality

A team of Adobe staff and educators will decide who wins.

If you have any questions, please email Dr Tim Kitchen - kitchen@adobe.com

Created By
Tim Kitchen