Nutrition and Allergens

Clyde's Choice

Eating Healthy Made Easy

UCCS & Menus of Change

At its core are the 24 Principles of Healthy Sustainable Menus- including those most important to UCCS Dining:

• Focusing on whole, minimally processed foods

• Sourcing fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients

• Serving fewer red meat-based meals, less often

• Emphasizing produce first at each meal

• Serving More Kinds of Sustainable Seafood, More Often

• Leveraging Globally Inspired, Plant-based Culinary Strategies

• Being Transparent About Sourcing and Preparation

• Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Culinary Exploration

• Making Whole Grains a Daily Offering

• Choosing Healthier Oils

• Reducing Portions, Emphasizing Quality Over Quantity


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