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Note: This originally was a Premiere Pro video but I couldn't upload it to my adobe spark page like that so I converted it into a YouTube clip. There was also no music supplied so instead I used the Chariots of Fire theme, I hope this is ok and that I won't lose any marks because of it.

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Space travel


Video Games

Mediums/Materials: EV3 and wood

Tools: EV3

Passions: To make a Rover that could drive on a surface like the surface of Mars

Proposal: To make a Lego Rover that could drive on a surface like the one on Mars

CheckPoint 1: At the start

Where are you going to start? Making a base for it

What equipment do you need? Lego and EV3

Who do you need to help you? Mr. Woldhuis

What are the problems or hard parts you can see in the future? Starting on the base without the EV3 to know where to start

CheckPoint 2: In the middle

How is the project going? Good

What has been easy/achievable? Attaching the wheels to the base

What has been hard/challenging? Knowing where to put everything without the EV3

What are the steps you plan to take next? Attaching the EV3

Place photo(s) or video showing the progress you have made so far.

CheckPoint 3: Near the end...

Hand in your draft project.

Receive your feedback

Implement the feedback to improve your video.

Final Project


What worked well? The suspension.

What surprised you? How my original suspension idea didn't work.

What you are proud of? Making it and having it able to move.

Your project would be better if: My project would be better if my rover had a better turning circle.

What you have learnt? You can't apply something with equipment to be ready for anything so you need to equip it with equipment to be ready for what you know or think it will be dealing with.

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