“La Cala has been ranked among the world's best hotels after receiving Tripadvisor's prestigious Travelers' Choice Award! The accolade recognises outstanding traveller feedback, placing La Cala in the top 10% of hospitality businesses around the globe.”

Well done team!


Sunday 2/8 on Asia was to have been a HIDDEN PARTNERS Stableford but might more accurately have been called the MISSING PLAYERS because there were only ten on parade! A lower support level does not come readily to mind. There were two probable reasons. The well supported Greensomes competition and social gathering on the Saturday, and the heat. Or a combination of both. It has been uncomfortably hot of late and the forecast is for the temperature to rise even higher.

Whilst quantity may have been an issue there was no lack of quality, not only in the names but in the scoring too. Jill Davies registered a 43 to top the list, with David Wilson just a point behind. The blind pick saw Gerry Rippinger paired with Jill and thus winning the main event (!) by a one point margin also.

L/r: Jill, Gerry, David.

With a mere handful of cards to check Captain Peter Bradley whistled through his first day of August duty in record time. So quick in fact that all was done before the camera man arrived, but only just so he was able to line up his targets and then surprise his wife by coming home again so early!

The top three ladies from last Tuesday’s competition were all there, which was nice, except Anne Hannam forgot her mask and couldn’t be included.

L/r: Marie Wilson, Jill Davies.


The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success.


Arthur and Karen O’Connor to be precise, and we quote:

“Kath received an invitation to play in the Justin Rose Series event at The Shire at the end of July. This is one of a series of seven tournaments organised for Ladies European Tour players, by the Rose family, following the cancellation of a number of their regular events due to the pandemic. The series culminates in a 3 event Grand Final.

The Shire is the only Seve Ballesteros designed course in the U.K.

Kath finished as the top amateur and tied 12th overall in a strong field of over 60 players which included British Open winner Georgia Hall along with Charlie Hull, Megan Maclaren and Whitney Hillier.”

Kath in action.


This time Captain Peter Bradley reports:

“These were found on the 11th of Asia on Tuesday 28th July. At first I thought it must have fallen out of Iain Macaulay’s bag because of the vintage, but he denies all knowledge. For those who only took up the game in the present century it is the old UK “Small Ball, production of which was discontinued during the 1970’s. If anyone wished to claim it please send a postal order for one and sixpence and it will be forwarded under a plain brown cover.”


This time on Asia, again, Tuesday 4/8, with a goodly turnout. Eleven tee times almost fully occupied. It was another hard days work in testing heat and, judging by their scores, the ladies may have wilted somewhat. A winning score of just 30 is rare indeed but Isabella Rippinger claimed top spot, followed closely by Janice Marler and Karen O’Connor, both with 29.

L/r: Janice, Isabella, Karen.

Last week Mike Fisher’s grandson-in-law (hope that’s right?) stole the headlines with a winning score of 42 playing off 18. Being a Guest he had to be demoted from the leaderboard and given a new handicap of 12 for today’s competition, which sounded a bit harsh but is probably something to do with the hugely complicated World Handicap System. Even so, undaunted and ready for the fray when we bumped into each other in the garage earlier, a sound 35 was jolly good for someone who barely plays golf when not on holiday at La Cala. His granddad-in-law just pipped him with 36 and will have taken great joy from so doing. A good round for Mike but just not enough to gain a prize. These will go in due course to Peter Robinson (38), Richard Hinds (37), and David Moody (37). Great to see veteran Peter playing well after all his health problems, and nice to see my old golfing partner in the limelight too. Let’s hope they can all make Sunday’s photo shoot?

L/r: Peter and Richard.


Not even into the second week of the month and here comes a third contribution to ease the editorial load. Mind you the subject isn’t that easy to follow unless you have swotted up on the rightfully maligned GWS. Over to Lady Captain Loraine Murphy to whom many thanks.

Ode To Golf - Poem by Les Littleford


Members will have seen the Minutes but for those of us supporting the Committee at the Special General Meeting on August 3rd it will be a date to remember. A change of Constitution invariably leads to discussion and very seldom ends in total unanimity. Everyone in accord, not even an abstainer. So, it is decreed that Damien and Loraine Murphy will see out this troubled year before starting again as Captains in 2021 which, please, might prove to be the year they had planned for us.


This once very popular format got pushed aside by the love of trendy Brambles so it was nice to see it back on the agenda. The setting Asia. The date Sunday August 9th. The temperature hot. Eleven teams in action. First out at 09.30 and last at 11.10. Instructions sprinkled with “10% of” “1/6th of” and reference to “Handicap Index round” and “100% in course tables”. The recent internet survey will doubtless support the Committee’s proposal that the new WHS be embraced but, from conversations, one wonder how many beyond David Wilson really understand it all?

Meanwhile back to matters in hand. Peter Bradley was in charge of the prizegiving and is clearly growing in verbal stature. There were two announcements which drew applause. As of next Sunday we will be back on shotgun starts again. As of today Sten Valentin chalked up the second hole in one of his golfing career and kindly invited everyone to share some bottles of cava with him. A 6 iron on the 11th is the answer to your question.

The sound of clapping hands continued as last Tuesday’s winners stepped forward but those pictures will have appeared already in the relevant text.

Applause was also forthcoming for the best three Texas Scramble teams.

In 3rd place with a nett 60.1 were l/r: Corinna Dawkins, Vic Hilliard, Loraine Murphy (and the absent James Reid).
2nd with a nett 59.2 were l/r: Pat Reid, Laura Thompson, Sylvia McGarvey and Geoff Thompson.
Winners with 58 nett points were l/r: Campbell McGarvie, Derek Steele, Simon Buddery and Peter Edstrom.

For those interested in the finer details the gross scores were 1) 64 2) 67 and 3) 60.1 The all male squad, who would have lifted the trophy had there been one, handed in a remarkable card including 8 birdies and no bogies at all. Geoff Thompson’s crew managed a gross eagle on the second hole!


Never go to bed mad with each other. Stay up and fight.


It is always cheering to see outsiders come to the fore so congratulations to Marie Wilson and Jan Slaets who topped their respective leaderboards on Campo America, Tuesday 11th. It being a Medal competition will have added to their enjoyment as they drove home with chests understandably puffed.

Marie had a nett 72, Karen O’Connor 74, and Jill Davies 75.


Jan’s nett 68 didn’t even warrant a change of handicap so he will need another “special” day when it comes to the October finals. If there are any, of course. David Evans is enjoying a decent spell of form and will be satisfied with a nett 70. As indeed should Richard “Mr. Smiley” Hinds with his 71.

L/r: Rob Garner and Medal winner Jan Slaets.

Unfortunately Scribbler is still unable to play so has to rely on outside comment to brighten up the report beyond the score stage. Vice Captain Peter Bradley had this to say:

“Unfortunately there were a lot of last minute cancellations due to illnesses, builders and senior citizens thinking they can still run around a paddle court and play golf the next morning. Not naming any names but Arthur and Peter M. will know who I am talking about. Six D/Qs owing to the mental pressures of Medal play proving just too much for some of our more fragile members. Great performances from Jan, David, Richard and Marie all under par.”


A friend in the UK tells me that his club have introduced a new Local Rule. It is called the Dominic Cummings Rule whereby you can hit the ball out of bounds as far as you like without any penalty.


“The highest average driving distance on the LPGA tour is almost 300 yards - courtesy of 22-year-old Mexican Maria Fassi - while Dutchwoman Anne van Dam is the longest hitting European, with an average distance of 287 yards. It is part of a trend which has seen longer and longer drives by women's players, who realise the advantage they can gain by developing their power game.”

Which of our ladies would lay claim to being our longest hitter, one wonders?


Although restrictive in terms of tools “4 Clubs and a Putter” is always popular and invariably sees some extraordinary scores. Sunday 16/8 on Asia was no exception. There was a bit of wind which helped to keep the temperature bearable but even so it was 33° C as we made our way home after prize giving conducted by Vice Captain Peter Bradley.

It was he, making reference to the ten guests of Thomas & Helena Widegren, not present themselves, who played a family competition within the same framework. Racking his brain to come up with a cumulative title Peter offered “a waggle” but then presented a prize to Giulio Del Canale, aged ten, presumably on the basis that he was the youngest on parade. Mind you he did play off 12.6 so perhaps earned the reward. His 15 year old brother Luca played off 3.6 so it sounds like some serious coaching has been going on. Lucky boys.

Young Giulio.

Carefully avoiding any reference to age we turn now to the more senior players and the best scores:

L/r: 3rd Tina Garner 35; 2nd Anne Hannam 37; 1st Gerda de Brouwere 38.

The mens’ scores were even better, with a quite astonishing 45 points making Peter Edstrom a clear winner. Not by much though. Pat Reid, never far off the pace had 42, while Jan Slaets showed that Tuesday was no fluke by handing in a 43. Brian Farmer, showing some sign of his old form again, will have been pleased with 39 points even if it got him no higher than 4th. Who really needs 14 clubs?

L/r: Pat, Peter, Brian.

Later the same day, refreshed and very colourfully attired, much the same group returned to the clubhouse for the first significant social gathering of the year.

Originally, when first announced, it had all the makings of the party to end all parties, but it was not to be. Social distancing and the wearing of masks posed problems but, not to be denied, members ensured that the proceedings did not lose merriment. There is one mobile phone video doing the rounds which involves well known male faces scantily clad in Hawaiian style doing the hula hula as never seen before. (Why do Wilson, Keppel and Betty come to mind?). The Polynesian love song, to which our brave quartet “performed”, was nice though.

Full marks for Peter and Kate Bradley for organising the evening which was enjoyed by 67 members and guests, not a few of whom went home happy, and slightly tipsy.

Richard & Wendy Hinds, Geoff & Laura Thompson, Peter Penney & daughter Sammy, Mike & Pearl Fisher.


The Scribbler cannot recall anyone registering three 43 pointers in succession but Jan Slaets has just done it. The third being in the Stableford played on Asia Tuesday 18th. Whatever it is he is taking could make him a fortune? His handicap came down 1.2 so life will be a bit tougher next time out but, if he keeps this form up, he will be a serious contender if and when the Medal Finals are held. Well played, Jan. It is whispered that the authorities have got wind of his run of late and a handicap cutting process is now in place!

David Moody, after a lengthy lockdown in England, has come back in fine form also. 41 is his best tally for a while and good to see. At least the newsletter can look forward to his smiling features after a fairly lengthy absence. In third place was veteran Louis Lentelink with a commendable 39 points. None of the men were available for gathering in their prizes. Asia must have been in a friendly mood because 21 of the 26 competing males scored 30 or more points.

It almost goes without saying that Laura Thompson’s name will be in the first three and this time it earned her first place amongst the Ladies. Anne Hannam, another one who seems to have benefitted from her spell in England, chalked up 34 to take second place, with Liisa Lindstrom pipped into third on handicap. Another lady who never disappoints.

Heavily disguised Anne Hannam, the day’s sole prize recipient.


Johan and Ria Van Wershoven were very active members before moving to Portugal where their enthusiasm for cycling takes second place to no other interest, even golf. Their home country is Holland and it is from there that they have recently set out to cycle to Rome! A matter of 2200 kms or almost 1400 miles. With Johan writing the daily diary, and Ria keeping busy with the camera, it has been fascinating to follow their route, especially as it includes the Rhine (at the moment) and pictures of Heidelberg bring back very happy memories, both business and pleasure.

We thought you might like to see a few of their pictures so just click on the link below. They will still be cycling as you look at the caption-less pictures.


This very popular gathering of the clans was cancelled in May, by unanimous agreement of all the participating clubs. Who knew then what the future held as far as Covid was concerned? We know only too well now, and there have been no matches since the decision was made. Until Friday, August 21st, when all but El Paraíso gathered to compete in a one-off, winner takes pride of place only, shotgun start of 60 players. Our team suffered a last minute change when organiser Monique Peters had to withdraw with a painful dental problem and was replaced by Liesbeth Smits, a change which didn’t weaken our useful looking team. In fact she and Campbell McGarvie scored 41 points, with only Peter Edstrom and Janice Marler’s 43 bettering them. The best two scores from each team earned a prize. Unfortunately, as a collective, we weren’t able to do better than second place, the honours going to Marbella on the day. Others participating were Santa María, El Chaparral and Atalaya.

Were we downhearted? Not a bit of it, as the photographs will show. Brian Farmer appears as support-organiser of the day, his main task being the reconciliation of score cards for which “he was suitably rewarded by copious amounts of Vino Blanco and a well deserved lunch.” It was a great shame Monique wasn’t there because she had put so much hard work into arranging the day. She deserves our thanks. The course was in excellent condition and, all in all, it was a good day for La Cala Golf Club.

Our team, Janice & Peter, Liesbeth & Campbell.

Let us all hope that next year the virus will be under control and the usual matches can be resumed. They are good fun.


Any resemblance between the Bramble Plus time sheet as published on line, and the teams on Sunday 23rd was coincidental. Cometh the day there were only enough teams to warrant two prizes so the usual “ceremony” was an unusually brief affair. Not helped by the absence of Tuesday’s winners. In fact Scribbler only took four pictures, which must be some sort of record.

Those performing best on Asia, with a winning total of 148, were l/r: Peter Marler, Anne Hannam, Brian Farmer, and David Wilson.
A mere point behind came l/r: Pat Reid, Jill Davies, Roy Davies, Barry Curran.

It was good to see Past Captain Dean Moore with his wife Alison after a lengthy absence. Dean’s new tonsorial style did not go un-noticed.


We are indebted to our Lady Captain for these somewhat dubious explanations. One can’t help asking whether the egg came before the chicken?

1. In the 1400s a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have 'the rule of thumb.'

2. Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled 'Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden'... and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language.

3. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:

Spades - King David, Hearts - Charlemagne, Clubs -Alexander the Great,

Diamonds - Julius Caesar

4. In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase......... 'goodnight, sleep tight.'

5. It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon.

6. In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts...

So in old England , when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 'Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.' It's where we get the phrase 'mind your P's and Q's'

7. Many years ago in England, pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim or handle of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill, they used the whistle to get some service. 'Wet your whistle' is the phrase inspired by this practice.

8. In 1696, William III of England introduced a property tax that required those living in houses with more than six windows to pay a levy. In order to avoid the tax, house owners would brick up all windows except six. (The Window Tax lasted until 1851, and older houses with bricked-up windows are still a common sight in the U.K.) As the bricked-up windows prevented some rooms from receiving any sunlight, the tax was referred to as “daylight robbery”!

Now, there you have the origin of these phrases according to our friendly researcher.


A familiar feeling if not often admitted, but getting anything meaningful to say about the Stableford held on Tuesday 25th has not been easy. To quote Vice Captain Peter Bradley, who often has a nice turn of phrase, the competition “was played on a full length America course and saw the return of winning scores in the 30’s where they belong!” Not a word about the course condition, weather, special achievements, or failures. We did however learn that “Tied on 39 Seppo and David Evans were separated on Handicap Index, the latter winning by 0.5 difference. Claiming third place with a back to form 38 was Gerry Rippinger.

In the ladies department, keeping up the family effort, Mary Evans matched her handicap with 36, while always dependable Laura Thompson settled for second spot one point behind. Another making it a successful family day was Isabella Rippinger whose handicap got her third place from Gerda, both on 33.”

Isabella in solitary isolation.


Two popular male members are not as well as they might like to be right now. Louis Lentelink, who had been dieting of late, was taken to hospital in some pancreatic pain. Closer examination revealed stones in his gall bladder but, pain having eased, the need for an emergency removal of the bladder has been delayed. The patient is back home, enjoying plenty of TLC and talking about playing this coming Sunday (30th)!!

Another to be stricken out of the blue was Achim Schmidt who racked up an alarm setting temperature, was rushed into hospital by Helicópteros, and spent four hours in emergency which revealed lung infection and some heart problems, plus a need to stay overnight, at least. Although his COVID test was negative he needed respiratory support so was put in a COVID ward, this meaning that Dorothée could not get to see him – and that on their wedding anniversary! However, like Louis, Achim is now back home as Dorothee reports:

“I picked up Achim yesterday at Quirón to take him home. After all he feels better but will continue to receive medical treatment next week. When he was posted, he was tested for COVID-19 (4 times in total) and the results were negative. No worries for anybody who played golf with him lately. He is looking forward to seeing you all again soon.”

Competition Prizes

Here follows an honest contribution from our distant Treasurer.

“It seems that there has been some question about what value of prize vouchers are awarded for Tuesday competitions since the membership voted at the AGM to have the competition entry fee set at €4 per person. The formula we are using is set out below, prizes are awarded to both men and ladies categories according to the numbers entered:

Up to 9 players: 1st - €10, 2nd - €5

10-15 players: 1st - €15, 2nd - €10, 3rd – wine or sleeve of balls

16-20 players: 1st - €20, 2nd - €15, 3rd - €10

21-25 players: 1st - €20, 2nd - €15, 3rd - €10, 4th - €5

26 players + 1st - €25, 2nd - €20, 3rd - €15, 4th - €10

Hopefully this is now clear to everyone however, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me on cazrosselli@diskmail.co.uk and I will refer the questions for discussion at the next committee meeting".

To Err is Human - To Forgive is Divine

"Hands Up – we noticed an error in the player ranges in the above formula (15/16) & (25/26) which resulted in some members receiving incorrect value vouchers…some received more than they should and others less.

I have now worked back through the list from January 1st and additional vouchers will be issued to those who received less. Those who received more than they should will have their next prizes adjusted accordingly in order to keep our accounts in good order.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime I hope everyone has had a great summer and I am really looking forward to returning to Spain sometime soon".

Caz Roselli


A handful of random photographs.

L/r: Former Captains Ron & Jenny Chesterton with visiting David Gilchrist.
Seems we are not the only ones with sunglass problems?
If you zoom in you will see the golfing connection in this creative Italian loo.



Whilst many parts of Europe suffered record low temperatures, heavy rain, and lousy weather generally, golf on America continued much as normal. True the wind howled and the palm trees complained noisily but at least it was cooler than of late. Sunday 30th will be remembered not for the climatic conditions though but for the slowness of play. Clubhouse conversation was both spirited and accusative, those responsible heading for home in no doubt as to their wrong doings.

On the upside it was good to see Louis Lentelink playing after his worrying health issues during the week.

This was the last duty of the Vice Captains who have handled their two months very well, although today's proceedings were short and sharp. Yet again there was only one of Tuesday's winners available for picture taking and, going off at a bit of a tangent, players in masks don't mean too much?

Anyway, today's winners with 157 points were l/r Jan Debrauwer, Roger Harman, Karen O'Connor, David Wilson.

Next with 154 were l/r Roy Davies, Jill Davies, Simon Buddery, Peter Robinson.

Third with 143 points came l/r Peter Marler, Barry Curran, Loraine Murphy, and Peter Penney, the last two deciding to inspect each other at just the wrong moment.

August ends tomorrow and next weekend we revert to Saturday action. Damien and Loraine will be back in the driving seats and, hopefully, the weather will be a little kinder.