Christmas or not - here we come Ashelyn tice

You may have saw the title and thought, "It's not even Halloween yet, why are they talking about Christmas?" Good question. Now ask that to the people who own stores like Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Businesses all over sell holiday themed merch, and almost always have a huge display at the front of the store. But even as Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, the Christmas gear lurks nearby. If you walk into Walmart you'll see a few small aisles with Halloween costumes and decorations, with the candy right next to it. But walk farther into the store, you see three or four rows or Christmas decorations, waiting to be moved to the front of the store...

In an article on BESTLIFE by Diana Burk, it starts off saying that some stores start selling Christmas stuff in July (I guess some people decided to take Christmas in July literally). But seriously? You're two seasons early. In July i'm not really thinking about Christmas, I'm more focused on getting ready for school and spending the last few moments I have before school with my friends. Christmas is great, but you know what comes before Christmas? Not only two other major holidays that are great in their own ways, but mid-terms. I don't know about you, but I prefer to not think about Mid-terms till I absolutely have to. And Christmas equals Christmas break, which equals Mid-terms. Definitely one of the last things on my mind over the summer.

And what about Halloween and Thanksgiving? Both seem to get overshadowed by Christmas. Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty much fall holidays, while Christmas is a winter holiday... that's been showing up in summer lately. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong, but I like other holidays too. Spooky season is one of the funnest seasons of all. It's cold, but not freezing, and everyone has candy all the time. Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to saying thank you to others and eating food. Kindness and eating are some of my favorite things. But when they get basically thrown out the door, it's a little saddening.

Christmas is great, but honestly, it should be saved for after thanksgiving. For stores, I get it, they want to start selling stuff as soon as possible to make money, but don't make the Christmas section bigger then the sections of the current holiday. And places like the zoo get a free pass for things like zoo lights and other holiday decorations. Decorating on that scale takes time so when they have lights up in October it makes sense. When people have lights on their houses in October it's weird. You can wait a few more weeks to put up lights for an hour or two.

Christmas is great, but so are other holidays. While we love Christmas, whether for the presents, the religious reasoning, both, or any other reason, we should remember the other holidays too. Each one is around for a reason, and has a history, and we shouldn't forget that. Overall, don't decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. After that, I have no complaints. Happy Halloween!!!


Created with an image by Sarah Gualtieri - "Pumpkin Halloween mug with candy corn on wood background." Ashelyn Tice took the photos of the store and the tree