MindSav Travel style

A child spent two days decorating a base--just a paper roll, only to keep her mind busy.

Wait till she could go somewhere like this to occupy and stretch her mind.

Can't deny her determination when she asked for help to finish the project of hers.

Something in nature like this just grow without saying.

Try to relate how she felt when she did not get the help she asked for.

It is like looking through the door seeing an ancient tower.

With ancient drawings depicting a story that couldn't be written.

With sculptures that stand tall yet failed to echo the callings.

Just roar silently.

Finally left a oh-so familiar face yet with strange framing.

As if drawings weren't enough to spread the desire, sealed in gold and mytiscal figure in a pond of cleansing water.

Then with a stand caved and inlaid with the images that only the perceived can speak partially what it conveys.

For what it was worth, it is stamped on a piece of clothes.

Plus a rock dome tied in scrolls of colors.

The lights on top are for looking hard in the daylight for the shine, the spark distilled in the grain of the rocks.

A story of mind travel to a far far away place, not a savvy one, but it still is a touching story.

Here is what the child did for two days.
Created By
Maria Stiles


All Photo credits to Maria Wang Story written Ji Wang

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