The Giver Theme's Created by: Amoiya herron

The theme that I picked for this one is family. You don't have to de related just to be a family. Family is some people that you choose to be a family, and also you don't have to be blood related just to be a family. You can pick whoever you choose to be a family with you. And a family is people who will stick by your side and take care for you and is always there for you. It doesn't mean to push anyone anyway if you have a connection with them or a feeling then you can be related.
The second memory that I am going to do is memories. Memories are a big part in your life just like in The Giver the memories that The Giver gave to Jonas all of the memories and he still has some more. Memories take a big part of your life because it describes you and you only. I can take place anywhere, anytime, and everything. Some memories are very special and take place in a very special place and some memories you want to get rid of so bad.
Suffering is something that most people get in the world. it is not something that you don't want to get because it will get to far. Just like in the book, Jonas was suffering because he didn't want to lie to his parents and he was very anxious. In the book, the baby the Jonas father was killing, the baby was suffering slowly because it didn't want to die, if they are to small then they kill it. It was very sad because his father kept his job a secret between his family.
They have different rules, but all that you have to follow and you will be executed. If you don't listen or follow the rules then you will get ,'sent away' and sent away means killed because when Jonas watched a video when his father had killed a baby. He also has rules to follow to because he is the Receiver of Memory and he has rules when he first got the job. If he doesn't follow the rules then he will get sent away. He can't discuss his job because that is apart of his job.

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