Last Minute Essays A review of last week's English experience

Zachary Baldwin-ThiccWetPapi

I don't even remember my section number but it's the 9:30 Am Tues/Thurs class

Journey Log 2


In class this past week, we were asked to do our essay on the night before it was due. It was rather strange but I didn't mind because that made it easier for my mind to procrastinate. Instead of my own internal cognitive dissonance, my professor gave me the recommendation. I did it two nights before it was due because I'm good like that... but also because I knew I was really busy the next night so it would have been about an all-nighter if I had decided to do it completely as asked.

Greek words... and more Greek words

Pathos, Ethos, Logos, etc.. It's that time. I learned to think of pathetic-emotion when hearing Pathos, ethics for Ethos, and logic for logos to remember the gist of the what each means. These words are so old though they have about 1000 definitions each which kinda pisses me off. Why use these words? Why not say we need to incorporate emotion or logic or whatever needs to be incorporated instead of trying to sound pretentious? I could say grandiloquent, but extravagant gets my point across. I guess increasing vocabulary is a step in the right direction for increasing levels of English classes but you get my point.

What's Next

Finish one thing, and you start another. I fucking love that, don't get complacent, don't get satisfied, don't take an extended break, let's keep going. Just finished Raid One and Raid Two is already coming and I already know what I'm doing. The task is to write about a villain/monster and write a research paper so we have to research and really get into the bedrock of the character we choose. I'm ThiccWetPapi, I don't play those rules so I'm going to write my paper on something outside of the box (Of course related to the prompt because I'm not aiming to fail, but it will be different).

Bard Piece-An Analysis of the Above-Grid

We carry these books as frogs living in the pond of academia, pondering why we don't ponder enough. Asking what time is as a metaphysical question rather than asking how we could better use the short time we have. And as tadpoles we once were, we have grown into something far more poisonous, a type of zombie that drifts through night and day never paying creativity any of our mind though it is withheld within everyone of us who are in this pond. And in this pond is debris, touching the blackened bottom as those black letters connect with the roots of the Earth. These words aren't written by us, but vicariously through our own teachers. Like some sort of a crystal ball, here is Christopher Stuart who asks us to forget about those previous writings. This crystal ball speaks of imagination, and just like that, a wave of thoughts were drawn from my very mind to caress the air in a glowing space. Each wave oscillated and vibrated to it's own rhythm, not some other teacher's, but my own. Here each of us take the controls into our own hands rather than letting the CPU carry out our tasks, and we move our own thumbsticks to move and search until we are no longer in the pond, but rather, the land of freedom.


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