Global Warming's Impact on the World Pollution has a big effect on global warming

Many people are getting sick because they are living in polluted environments. Everywhere people go, they travel by some sort of transportation that gives off exhaust creating pollution. For example, cars, trains, buses, planes, and boats all create pollution. The number of people using this kind of transportation is increasing. Very few people walk which is causing an increasing amount of pollution. All of this is leading to global warming which is making our winters hot and are summers even hotter. Global warming has affected our world and the people around it and it is still creating problems.

Cars give off exhaust creating pollution

Global Warming Impacts

Global Warming has a big impact on the world. Livescience says, “Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate.” It is affecting people, weather, animals, and many different environments. Global warming is also affecting our seasons. “-This is happening because people are dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which has fueled global warming” stated in the article “ It Will be Normal Soon”. Global warming has affected our environments by sending out pollution into the air. No one wants to live in an environment full of exhaust. Global warming is not only affecting places that give off lots of pollution but very cold places too. Global warming has affected all over the world including Antarctica, Polar bears are dying because global warming is melting their glaciers. Global warming needs to be controlled it is putting the earth in danger along with people too.

Factories give off lots of pollution which affect the world.

Impacts of global warming on people

Global warming can affect people physically and their surrounding. For example global warming has impacted humans by causing illnesses. It can affect your body when you are always exposed to it. The smoke from pollution can cause lung cancer, asthma, and even some heart diseases. The pollution in the air is worse than you think. Global warming can also affect the climate change which makes it harder for humans to live. Global warming makes it so you never know if it’s going to be hot or cold even in the winter and that is a disadvantage for people. For example, if you were a farmer and you were growing crops you wouldn’t know when to grow them because it could be cold one day and hot the next. Lastly, another way Global warming affects humans is with storms. Global warming messes with the weather pattern. You never know when a hurricane will pop up and you are not prepared. This will affect you because you could get hurt and even die. These are some of impacts of Global warming on people.

Causes of global warming

Global warming is caused by many things but people have figured out that carbon dioxide is the main gas that causes global warming. Why carbon dioxide is a big effect on global warming is because carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels in most kinds of transportation, and transportation gives off exhaust which causes pollution also. Global warming is caused by many things but these are the big reasons for global warming.

Some causes of Global Warming

Take Time to Think

If you really think about it global warming was caused by mostly the people. It's the new technology and the greenhouses that really set off global warming. If the world didn't have new advancements like cars buses trains boats and planes the world would have less pollution meaning global warming will have less of an effect on the world. It would mean better understanding of weather less sicknesses and big life advancements. Global warming has to be slowed down.


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