My Digital Narrative by: alyssa brant

The first school I went to was between kindergarten and 6th grade. My understanding and knowledge of technology was incredibly limited at this school. We were not required to type papers or research topics on the internet. Everything was paper, pencil, and hard copy research. The first time I had ever heard about youtube was 6th grade when a friend of mine was talking about a video she had watched. I was so lost and confused about the idea of searching a topic and there being millions of videos about that topic.

My only internet knowledge that I had was a Gmail account that I used to message my friends from school. At the beginning of my relationship with technology I would have defined it as “Anything on a computer”. Technology was a very advanced idea for me that I couldn’t wrap my head around.

Annotation : I chose the YouTube logo for part of my digital narrative because it was the first social media site that I was told about. It made the internet seem so much bigger than I had thought it was before. All I had before I heard about YouTube was a gmail account that I used on my moms computer. When my friends started talking about YouTube and other digital platforms got me interested in exploring all that there was for me out there on the internet. If it weren't for the introduction to YouTube I wouldn't have later begged my parents for a computer of my own.

I switched school over the summer between my 6th and 7th year at school. The new school I was attending required many research projects, written papers, and encouraged the use of technology. It was this year that I got my first computer. I did not know what all there was out there in the digital world. Needless to say I was slightly overwhelmed. I was made familiar with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Google as my basic search engine. It was not long before I found ways to stream movies and T.V. shows and was then introduced to social media.

Annotation: Christmas of 6th grade my parents knew I would be moving schools the following year. They wanted me to be prepared an have some experience on a computer before I went to a school where typing papers and research assignments were very common. I chose this picture of a Dell laptop because it was the first computer i ever owned personally. This computer lasted a good 4 years before becoming so full of viruses it couldn't even stay on for 5 minutes. It was a very nice computer and I was very thankful my parents got this for me as a christmas present.

The first social media account I joined was Facebook. I was not taught the literacy of social media and how it functioned. It took me many months before I realized, understood, and was literate in the “language” that is used on Facebook. In starting my journey into the social media world, I began communicating with relatives a rarely see; grandparents who come to family reunions but not much else.

Annotation: I chose to incorporate the FaceBook logo because, Facebook was the first social media site I joined. My mom was very strict about the age restriction on their website of 13, so when I turned 13 I created a Facebook account. I was not very literate in how to work Facebook, and I didn't understand what types of things you were supposed to say or share. So needless to say if you go far enough back in my Facebook you will find stage posts like “just watched a movie” and other silly comments that didn't make sense. The literacy of Facebook didn't take long for me to catch on to. And in later years moving into high school I became interested in all other social media platforms.

Midway through my high school career I received my first smart phone, a white, hand-me-down iPhone 3. With this new gift my friends showed me new forms of social media. My sophomore year of high school I was introduced to Instagram. I began to dive into photography. If it were not for this introduction into social media I would not have begun to develop a passion for shooting and editing pictures and videos. I carried this new passion with me through the conclusion of high school and into my first year at WSU. I started developing my photographic experience with some friends of mine, Parker Bell and Jaden Bombino. These two have taught me so much about all the techniques there are in photographing people, light, nature, and many other . Parker taught me about photographing light and using long exposure shots to create rather artistic images.

Annotation: I choose this picture because it was the first picture I took with incredibly slow shutter speed. This was a group effort of 3 people to get this image to come out. I sat with the camera, my friend Michele made sure the image would be centered and not too tall during the whole shoot, and my friend Parker had the idea to draw the sailboat. If you look very closely at the picture you can see Parkers shoes in the middle under the sailboat. Taking these types of pictures made photography incredibly fun for me and I started diving into photography more. I a still yet to purchase my own camera.

Jayden has taken me into Kaiser Aluminum, an abandoned aluminum plant in Spokane, WA (with the owners permission of course). There we photographed the still life of abandonment. The Kaiser plant had been closed down one day due to the Government; leaving personal belongings, important paperwork and files, keys, lunch pales, unopened packages, and many other items left as though the plant closed only yesterday. These skills in photography that I developed were exciting but I still was unaware of all that can be involved in it.

Annotation: I chose this as my final picture because this is when my friend Jaden took us into the abandoned factory. There was an eeriness about it as he helped develop other styles of photography with me. It took this picture because I felt it showed just the magnitude of not even half of this factory. Ive been to this facility about 4 times and I still haven't seen everything that there is to see. Its amazing to see all of the technology that they had there just up and abandoned. Rooms full of computers and hard drives, all just abandoned.

Coming to WSU I did not know what type of major I was looking to pursue. I took an array of classes my first semester and found one class particularly interesting, Com 210. This class taught me a brief introduction into some of the Adobe programs. I learned how to take the photos I had gathered and edit them in ways that enhanced the look I was after, and I was taught how to make videos out of both still shots and recorded video. Thanks to the introduction of technology into my life during middle school I have decided on a major in Marketing with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture. As my involvement in technology as grown and changed over the years so has my definition of the term. Now a days I would define technology as “Anything used by man, with the capability of creating.” This is a very broad definition but in tern, technology is very broad itself.

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