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I started teaching EFL more than a quarter of a century ago. Armed with an introductory qualification for teaching adults, I was promptly handed a timetable that featured a lot of lessons with children. Some VERY tiny.

The settings were varied. Large classrooms of 60 eight year olds. Small groups of siblings with very different ability levels and needs. One-to-one students who couldn't read, or write in their own language yet. The one thing they all seemed to have in common is that they would much rather be doing anything else other than learning English.

I quickly discovered that the Hokey Cokey and I Spy will only take you so far. Ditto scrappy flashcards that I had hastily scrawled on paper scavenged from the photocopier when the DOS wasn't looking.

I learned that the dynamics of a one-to-one with a tired kid and a huge class first thing in the morning are wildly different. What had worked brilliantly with one, turned out to be a raging disaster in the other.

My learning curve was very steep, but learn I did. Unfortunately in the early days this tended to be at the expense of the students. Due to all the mistakes that formed my learning curve, their progress with me was sometimes rather hit and miss.

Despite decades having passed, not enough has changed for the newly minted TEFLer. The reality is that teaching children often forms a significant part of a new teacher's timetable, despite most introductory qualifications focusing almost entirely on the teaching of adults.

So I have decided to make my materials available. Because it is hard enough taking your baby steps in TEFL without having the additional complication of very little, low cost material available when confronted with pre-verbal, non reading & writing, often uncooperative, tiny humans. It is one thing to be thrown in at the deep end. It is another to be thrown in with concrete boots, due to a lack of adaptable materials that will flex around a wide range of students' needs & a new teacher's more limited experience.

These are not materials I have created and then "classroom tested" once, or twice. These are the materials I've made and refined over the years to teach my own students, in a variety of settings. In order to make them accessible to other teachers I have added instructions.

As with anything, there is a learning curve. The first few times you use the materials the experience might feel stilted and clunky. Give yourself time to become comfortable and confident with the format and its use when teaching.

I don't advise jumping in at the deep end and going all in. Download and use just one mini book with a range of students first. That tends to be a more successful starting point than trying to set up all your students with a full blown lapbook/interactive classroom display, all in one go.

For more experienced teachers I hope the materials offer the chance of some well earned, extra time off due to a large chunk of lesson prep having been taken care of on your behalf.

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Unless otherwise stated and attributed all images and text have been created by myself. I retain the the copyright. Permission is given for reproduction for classroom use only.

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