This is how Heme Iron works. Things you need to know

All of us need iron to live. Iron deficiency will give a low quality of life and anemia is a very serious condition.

All iron comes from the diet

There are only two sources of bio-available iron in the diet for us humans. Iron bound to hemoglobin as in meat courses, heme iron, and iron bound to other compounds, non-heme iron as in vegetable food and the regular supplements. The latter has to dissolve before uptake can happen. As the uptake is only 2 – 4 % this will leave reactive free iron ions in the intestine. Free iron ions are toxic and will produce unpleasant gastrointestinal side-effects. This is why ‘everyone’ knows that iron supplements will give a queasy feeling and stomach trouble.

Heme iron, however, has always been the most important source of iron for us and is taken up at 20 – 40 %. Uptake happens as a whole unit along a parallel, non-competitive pathway and is not affected by other simultaneously ingested foodstuff or drink. It happens along the length of the intestine and will work in all clinical conditions, even after gut surgery.

Today the OptiFer® series of natural heme iron supplements is available.

Heme iron supplements are more efficient and better tolerated than the synthetic supplements.

There are no known side effects for heme iron. Non-absorbed heme iron is completely inert and will not cause disturbances.

The regular non-heme chemical/synthetic supplements will give intolerable side-effects sooner or later that stops the essential therapy. The remaining way is to give iron intravenously as a last resort. This is effective, but has several drawbacks. Intravenous iron therapy is uncomfortable, even painful. It is expensive and needs clinical care. There is a risk of overdose and oxidative stress. The latter is serious and potentially life-threatening in weak patients.

Heme iron supplements can be taken one or two tablets at any time of day and regardless of other food, drink or medication. Tolerance and efficacy will remain high also over longer time.

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