James Knox Polk ethan T. wilson

in his life he was born in north Carolina and he moved to Tennessee when he was a child, he, during his transportation, became a sickly child-

he has an operation where he has gallstones taken out without without without anesthetic-

he grew up wealthy and his family had around fifty slaves

in his education he did not have a formal education in childhood, even though this was true it did not stop him from learning and going to college. after his college carer he went to go to law school and became a lawyer

before he became president he went and he made himself a successful lawyer. he went into politics after a while being a lawyer.

when he went into his campaign and got to be president his goal was to "expand the borders of the u.s." he succeeded and got several new states, including Texas and California, int the united states. the way he got this expansion is by causing war with mexico and causing the "Mexican war" to happen.

with the new states and his presidency over he was not really well known, however he was one of the most important presidents, his legacy is a mostly good one, he earned us mexico

this is a crash course video that covers part of good old eleven (James k Polk)

a fun fact about "eleven" is that he got all of his goals done in his presidency.

a quote from him is "The world has nothing to fear from military ambition in our Government."

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