How india saves the U.S Blessing Moses

As I spent a week in India, I got to explore many things and see the globalization between each other. But there was one thing that really struck my eye, the call centers.

A group picture taken

The U.S runs on technology for multiple things. Cell phones, laptops, iPads, it's all around us. When there's a problem with our technology it seems as if the world is ending. So who do we call in times of trouble? We look towards our friendly ally, India.

In India there are hundreds of call center operating 24/7. Each person answering phone calls that are made within the U.S. These call centers help every technology issue the U.S.A make.

There are over 1 billion people in all of India. Each person struggling to make a living and find a jobs. In order to become a call center operator, they must take classes.

A class, Rasheed, taught

In the classes for these jobs, each Indian goes through hard work and sweat. They battle tough classes learning difficult and different things. Learning the English language and customs to keep their jobs. These call center jobs get very low pay. Rs 201,860 per year, which is $2,960 in USD.

The job is very difficult. When each call comes in, there are Americans yelling and arguing over the phone. These Indians stay up all day to attend to these calls. Is the job really worth it? Tough work, min. wage, arguments, and low sleep hours. For them, the answer is yes.

So what if India finds a new alligance? What would the U.S do after? Our World would fall. So next time your in the phone, please be careful to show them respect. No matter how faustrated you are.


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