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TV Show Review

TV Show: House, M.D.

Network: FOX

Runtime: 8 seasons, 2004-2012

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jacobson, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison, Kal Penn, Amber Tamblyn

House, M.D. is a medical drama starring Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, a grumpy, misanthropic, cynical, and physically impaired doctor. The show’s main character, Dr. House, is a medical genius who, with the help of his team, diagnoses cases that no other doctor can diagnose. The show is set in the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

House, M.D. has a tremendous cast, and kept me up late at night watching it. It has a great plot, and the character House is an instant crowd favorite. His famous quotes, such as “Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person?” are very popular on the Twitterverse, and for a while, #houseism was a trending hashtag on Twitter.

House is kept out of mischief by his friend, Dr. James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard. Dr. Wilson is an oncologist, and together with the Dean of Medicine, Lisa Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) keeps House from killing his patients with experimental treatment. In one episode, “5 to 9”, House wants to cure a patient by infecting him with malaria. Dr. Cuddy stops him after finding out that House made a bet with a fellow doctor to see if he could cure a patient with malaria.

Although I was only introduced to House a couple months ago, I fell in love with it instantly. I especially love House because of Hugh Laurie’s fantastic performance. Laurie was so good with his American accent that the director did not find out that Laurie was British until the second episode of Season One.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Anonymous

As you may have heard, the Middle School has been working on an art table for the community. We have recently finished the main structure of it! The table is currently being stained, but we have been brainstorming some other design ideas. The table will shortly be accompanied by bar stools. For now, it has been placed in the lower level. When Mr. Calise and Ms. Al-Basit visited a different Montessori school in January, they were inspired by an art table that they saw there. Overall, it’s a beautiful addition, and we are all so excited to have an art table!

“The loudest one in the room is the weakest one.” Frank Lucas

Before Spring was called Spring, it was called Lent in Old English. In the 14th century, the time of year was called “springing time”—because the plants were “springing” from the ground. In the 15th century this shortened to “spring-time,” and then, in the 16th century, to just “spring.”

Many early civilizations celebrated spring for the simple reason that their food supplies would soon be back.

The word “season” comes from the Old French word “seison”, meaning “sowing or planting”. This itself came from the Latin word “sationem” meaning “sowing”.

According to a study, couples are most likely to break up in spring and two weeks before Christmas. The least likely breakup time is Christmas Day and August to October.

Children grow faster during the Spring because there tends to be more plentiful and varied food.

The average temperature for spring is 45.68°F across the world.

Sense of smell is heightened in the spring since there is more moisture in the air.

Spring is often called the start of the pollen season, but in reality some pollen types release as early as January.

The legend of the Easter Bunny is thought to have originated among German Lutherans, where the ‘Easter Hare’ judged whether children had been good or bad in the time before Easter.

The earliest known use of the term ‘spring-cleaning’ was in 1857.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.” Anonymous

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