Thinning your Thick, Thick Hair Book of awesome chapter

You feel free and joyful. You imagine yourself spinning in a green grassy field as you swing your hair back and forth.

The new feather-like hair that you have is a miracle that you thought would never happen.

It's so light compared to before but it looks exactly the same. The pleasure of wrapping the elastic around your hair four times instead of two feels as if you have been entered into a whole new world.

Your hair feels like it's gone from as heavy as an elephant

to as light as a cloud.

You can't help but smile dumbly as you run your fingers through right after you thinned your thick, thick hair.


Created with images by Denis Dervisevic - "Grassy Fields" • Rene Mensen - "Feather" • thepeachpeddler - "Kaye Wiggs Laryssa Tan" • jill111 - "woman happiness sunrise" • laurentmarx - "elephant safari animal" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Clouds"

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