All about THE Asian Kien the asian that is

About Me

Did you know that I'm Asian? You probably figured that out by the noodles in the background.... and the fact that it says "Kien the Asian" in the subtitle on the first page.

My name is Kien Nguyen. I was born on February 19th, 2003 in Dallas. I'm the son of two other Asians and the brother of another young Asian. I am the half brother of four other Asians.

I'm almost 14, but I don't have a job yet.... because.... you know.... I'm 14.

I like to learn at school, and my dad is always like this guy⬇ if i get a B on my report card.... not that I have one Father if you are reading this.

Don't go to it's weird

I have no pets, and my favorite things to do is to play on my computer, because I am one of the only ones in the school part of the PC master-race.

I take the core classes (Math, English, History, and Science) and also have a Tech and PHS(Principles of Human Services) as a class. I'm also in beginner orchestra because I'm a noob.

After I graduate form high school I plan to go to the University of Texas at Austin and get and get a degree in computer science.

My favorite foods are my mom's Bun Bo Hue noodles and the Three Sauce Steak Burrito from On the Border.

I don't really like sports because I mostly invest my time in my Intelligence stat in my SPECIAL(only Fallout players understand)

My favorite color is black, which may make me seem emo, but it's because black goes good with lots of colors.

I've visited a lot of places in Texas and have gone to Vietnam twice.

My favorite movies are from Pixar and Dreamworks studios.

When the day of school is over, I always like to wait for the next day of school because I like school.

SPECIAL stats (for Fallout players) Strength=1 Perception=6 Endurance=1 Charisma=3 Intelligence=11(Glitched but still true) Agility=6 Luck=6

This was the Asian speaking.

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