Digital Fluency & the Digital Citizen What skills does today's learner need to thrive in tomorrow's world?

BIG Question: What does today's citizen need to understand to be digitally literate?

A Digital Citizen understands that technology has changed the environment in which they live and work and that it is critical to develop a digital fluency that allows them to participate in life-enhancing opportunities.

How do today’s digital users invent, design, create, build, or share content? Which is most prevalent?

BIG Question: How does technology empower you to be a content creator rather than just a content consumer?

Consider the graphic below:

Hours spent watching TV per week. January-March (Q1) comparisons, 2011 - 2017. Source: Felix Richter, 2017

Notice the substantial drop that has occurred in the past 6 years. Teenagers watch, on average, 12 hours less TV per week than in 2011.

Traditional TV viewership among Teenagers (12-17) has dropped 11% since 2016, alone.

Total time spent with all media, however, has grown by 13% since 2016 for this same age group.

BIG Question: What opportunities begin to emerge as television loses popularity?

Consider the following videos and discuss the questions that follow them as a class.

What did a user need to understand in years past in order to “use” technology effectively?

Was technology more simple in the past? If you were placed there today, could you easily navigate the technology of the 80's?

As you grow older, what challenges do you anticipate experiencing with ever-changing and new technologies?

What do citizens of today need to know in order to be digitally literate?

Is it more difficult to be Digitally Literate in today's world?

How has the meaning of Digital Literacy changed over time?

Consider the following skills:

BIG QUESTION: What skills do you need to improve in order to transition from being digitally literate to becoming digitally fluent?

BIG QUESTION: What skills does today’s learner need to thrive in tomorrow’s world?

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