How To Be A Great Soccer Player! By Rep Soccer Player Kabir Goraya

Running, Running is very important in soccer. You will be doing a lot of running when you play soccer. Keep practicing everyday.
Shooting, Shooting is a pretty easy thing to master. Just keep practicing everyday and you be a expert at shooting. Make sure your shooting is firm.
Passing, Passing is another easy thing to master. Once you master this you should be very proud of your self. Also make sure your pass is crisp.
Dribbling, Dribbling is very useful in soccer. When you go on a walk next time you should bring your soccer ball and dribble it around. Make sure a defender will not intercept the ball.
Supporting your teammates, When your teammate is mad about how he played you should always give him a positive message. Even if you don't get along you should still give him a positive message.

MAKE sure you play fair. More importantly have fun!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


Ronaldo chop, Maradona, Rainbow 🌈, Stepovers, Double stopovers, Keep ups and the Kabir Goraya fake! Just kidding about the last one.

By Kabir Goraya

Created By
Kabir Goraya


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