The Extreme Mustang Make over March 3rd: Pick up

100 days; 32 competitors; June 15-17.

It's a journey for yourself and your horse more than it is about the competition. Every wild mustang is different and some will be more willing than others. Some you will be able to saddle tonight and others you wont be able to touch until day 93; this doesn't change anything, anyone can be in the top 10. It will be hard, it will test your limits, you will spend every waking hour if not working with your mustang you will be thinking about how to overcome the next obstacle in your training. The first time you're able to come in contact with her you will feel a rush of joy but the first time you saddle up your mustang up, the first time you get on will be the most nerve racking and exhilarating moment throughout these 100 day. It's not about how quickly you can hit the next mile marker in comparison with your fellow competitors standing around you now as you watch their journey, but that you will get there when you mustang is ready. So be prepared to stand for hours waiting for your mustang to be brave enough to touch you that first time. Be prepared for milestones to come faster than expected. be prepared to reach milestones faster than expected, Be prepared for the ride of a life time and I welcome the 2017 West Springfield competitors.


Miranda Tolelfson

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