Thank you for the first lession. You were great. Together we found over 100 different worlds connected to MARKETING
For the next time (1.3.2017) watch a slideshare about segmenting and targeting
Learn about personix, we will use it in the lession
For the last lession 15.3.2017 you shoud do a field work, marketing research from your own point of view. Wisit a restaurant, cafe or foodcourt in a shopping center. Pick one (or more) subjects above and focus on understanding: Why, to Whom, How?

We will analyse MENUs together at 8.3.2017 so don't focus only on Products.

  • E.G. Why Price is that? You can do benchmarking if you want.
  • Why are you a loyal customer? Are you?
  • Why is marketing done in a way it is?
Shopping centers are very good places to do a research, and you don't have to spend any money. If you have not yet visited Kortteli at Kamppi- Do it now :-)
Create max. a five minute presentation about your field work findings. Group can be 1-3 persons. Save your presetation in Optima.
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