TAG Line January 3, 2020

Blankets for Vets

Soldiers and Airmen from the North Dakota National Guard delivered blankets for the holidays to the North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon on Dec. 27, 2019. The blankets were made at a recent Christmas party and were given to the Veterans to honor them for their service. The Guardsmen were given a tour of the facility and shown what it has to offer our Veterans. To see more information on the North Dakota Veterans Home log on to www.nd.gov/ndvh

Capt. Jacy Voglewede, Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation Officer, unpacks blankets from the back of a van at the Veterans home in Lisbon, North Dakota, Dec. 27, 2019.

Maj. Matthew Voeller, Executive Officer for the Adjutant General and Noreen Fahsholz, Activities Director for the North Dakota Veterans Home unload blankets made for Veterans.

Capt. Jacy Voglewede meets the locally famous Veteran and American Legion poppy maker, Alfred Steiger at the North Dakota Veterans home in Lisbon, North Dakota, Dec. 27, 2019.

Military Police and SECURITY Forces Eligible to Receive Partial Training Waiver

The North Dakota National Guard along with the North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) board recently announced a partial training waiver for U.S. Army and Marine trained Military Police and U.S. Air Force trained Security Forces personnel who want to become North Dakota law enforcement officers. This waiver would allow qualified personnel to take the examination to become licensed North Dakota peace officers after a 2-week course, rather than the current 12-week course.

The military police training Soldiers, Marines and Airmen receive is federally accredited by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) board. Because of the federal accreditation, North Dakota Administrative Code allows the training academy to offer these military police and security forces a waiver for a portion of training.

Top left: Military Police Soldiers from the North Dakota National Guard serve with local law enforcement during a former state active duty period. Top Right: Capt. Corey Schumacher works with Sgt. Karie Gress and Sheriff Paul Laney (retired) of the Cass Country Sheriff's Department. Bottom photos: Lt. Daniel Haugen, North Dakota Highway Patrol Training Director (left) and Maj. Jay Sheldon, North Dakota National Guard Strategic Plans and Policy Officer (right) speak to the local news about the partnership and waiver.

Education Exchange

The University of Mary and the 164th Regional Training Institute (RTI) recently teamed up to share best practices and lessons learned in classroom facilitation. Dr. Brenda Tufte, Professor and Chair of Graduate Education at the University of Mary, spent time with the 164th RTI instructors discussing current and emerging classroom and student engagement practices. This is the fourth year of the partnership.

Left: Dr. Brenda Tufte, University of Mary Professor and Chair of Graduate Education, (left) engages with 164th RTI instructors on classroom techniques. Right: Instructors from the RTI engage in activities to enhance their skill set in student engagement and classroom facilitation.

"Why We Serve"

This weeks "Why We Serve" features SGT Andrew Kessel, 68th Troop Command.

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