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Over time, America has changed periodically. There have been new advancements, new discoveries, and new problems that have arised. Each problem affecting the country in different ways. However, as the country is progressively developing, with certain projects, it increases the likelihood of a polluted atmosphere. Pollution has affected the atmosphere greatly for a lengthy time. Instances are the early 1900's: industrialization, 1950's: suburbanization, and modern day vehicular air pollution. Nevertheless, with education and care for the environment it is possible to better the world we live in, benefitting everyone.

Historical Evidence #1: Early 1900's Industrialization

Beginning in the late 1800's and early 1900's was a new era, known as industrialization. The industrial revolution began in Great Britain in the 1700's; eventually migrating to the United States. claims, "The industrial growth had major effects on American life" and that has proved to be true over time. Industrialization was a time of innovation and productivity that caused great economic growth of the United States. Consumer demand was immense during this time period and reliance on natural resources, such as coal and oil. Machines were replacing the job of hand laborers in the manufacturing factories. Factories produce fossil fuel emissions that release a toxic pollutant, which is a combustion of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Because of the growing job opportunities in the factories, there was shift of population in the countryside to the cities. The cities then became more crowded, unsanitary, and diseased. The industrialization era enormously impacted the environment of the U.S. and is continuing to impact it with modern day industrialist factories.

Historical Evidence #2: 1950's Suburbanization

The 1950's was the era post World War II. The U.S. economy was booming and prosperous. Americans had more money to spend and families were growing rapidly. Rapid increase in family lead to suburbanization and the idea of living the "American dream." Unlike the industrialization era, people began moving to suburbs rather than towards cities. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 allowed for the creation for a highway system, making the commute to work swifter. However, the highways make the commute easier; it also becomes longer than already being in the city. This contributes to air pollution. William Levitt, real-estate developer, is one individual that greatly contributed to suburban growth. credits William Levitt with mass producing suburbia homes in rapid time. With mass producing homes, involves construction and taking over more lands. There is more shortage on resources causing land pollution. For example, farming crops are becoming destroyed due to inland land being taken. The formation of post-war suburbia changed American lifestyle along with the natural fields of land forever.

Historical Evidence #3: Modern Day Vehicular Air Pollution

In modern day, it is a common occurrence for people to drive motorized vehicles. What people do not know is automobiles are the largest source of air pollution in the U.S.. according to Jenny Green from Unfortunately, automobiles are responsible for 50 to 90 percent of air pollution in the atmosphere. In more populated cities such as, Los Angeles, the air is impacted more with fossil fuel emissions. There are many different types of air pollution. For example, pollution contains nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, surfer dioxides, and greenhouse gases. Each type presents risks to health and the environment. Health risks could be a possibility in cancer and damage to the lungs and respiratory system. The environment's air, soil, and water quality is all affected by the emissions released by car. Because this proved to be a huge environmental issue, there have been advancements such as more fuel efficient cars. Although, any effort helps one effort alone cannot change the air quality. Large numbers of people need to take action and further the movement to reduce air pollution.

Visual Representation

The message behind my visual art piece is to encourage the American population and everyone person on the planet as whole to care for the environment. The piece shows the map of the United States as well as the more polluted states. From this, one must realize how great the negative affects of pollution are. Then, take that into consideration when mistreating the environment themselves or witnessing a person mistreat the environment.


"HELP US FLOURISH" These words symbolize the positive message that all individuals should do their part in caring for the environment in order to see the progressive growth of the country, environmentally. The word "flourish" has many positive connotations that can trigger an individual to want to aid.
The newspaper covered states symbolize the states thAT HAVE BEEN MORE IMPACTED BY POLLUTION. SHOWING THAT A GOOD AMOUNT OF AMERICAN STATES, mostly in the west, HAVE BEEN damaged by pollution. These states have more production factories and are usually more populated. I choose newspaper because newspaper generally symbolizes trash.
The flower covered parts of the map represent the healthier, less affected states. iN THESE STATES, THERE IS MORE GRASS FIELDS AND LESS FACTORIES TO POLLUTE THE AIR. I choose to cover the other states in flower because flowers are generally associated with health and growth.

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