Hurricanes By:Lauren Soholt

What is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are huge,strong,ocean storms. They can bring heavy rain, big waves, and strong wind to shore. Hurricanes form over warm, tropical ocean waters in the summer and fall. They can be 600 miles (kilometers) in diameter with winds between 74 and 200 miles (119 to 322 kilometers) per hour. One single hurricane can create more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain in a day. A hurricane can last for a week or more!

How is it formed?

Damp air rises over warm oceans. Wind begins to blast through. Wind and rain create many thunderstorms. The storms approach in a spinning rotation circle. The center of the circle is called the eye.

How long does a Hurricane last?

A hurricane usually lasts for about 12-18 hours. It can also take as long as a month.

How powerful can they be?

Hurricanes can cause houses and buildings to crumble. They can leave people homeless and without water and food.
The damage from hurricanes can take years to re-build.

Where do Hurricanes Happen?

Hurricanes usually occur near shores and coastlines...especially where there is warm and tropical water. Such as Gulf of MexicoCaribbean and The western Pacific Ocean.

Interesting Facts

*The winds around the eye are the strongest.

*The strongest hurricane was Hurricane Patricia. It occurred on October 23, 2015.

*The first hurricane name was Alice.

*No one knows when the first hurricane took place.

*Hurricanes are put into a category very soon after they form.

*Category 1 hurricanes have wind speeds between 74 and 95 miles per hour.

*Hurricane Alex was a rare Category 2 hurricane that formed in June 2010.

*Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was a Category 3.

*Category 4 hurricanes have wind speeds that reach 130 to 155 miles per hour.

*Category 5 are the strongest hurricanes.

*Hurricane Andrew and Katrina are retired because of damage.


  • Kilometers: equal to one thousand meters
  • Diameters:a straight line passing through the center of a figure
  • Approach:come near or nearer to someone or something
  • Coastlines:The outline of a coast
  • The Gulf Of Mexico:Is a ocean
  • Caribbean:Is a Sea that has islands
  • The Pacific Ocean:Is a Ocean that extends from the Arctic Ocean in The North to The Southern Ocean in The South.
  • Eye:The eye of a storm is a rough and circular area

Hope you liked learning about Hurricanes


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