Dear Future Co-op Student... SabiKA pANJWANI

Dear Future Co-op Student,

My name is Sabika Panjwani. I was a co-op student in the years 2016-2017. I did my co-op placement at Hotel Novotel North York and I had an amazing experience. At my placement I had a set of daily responsibilities to complete. These responsibilities included many reports such as the swipe report, credit card authorization report, routing details, and TBR's. I also did the occasional filing which was in regards to the checked in and checked out guests.

My experience at Novotel North York was truly beneficial, and frankly, amazing! Hence I would like to give you, my beloved reader, a couple of pieces of advice. To gain respect at your placement you must display certain skills such as identifying problems and potential solutions, recognizing opportunities for change and improvement, seeking different points of views by asking questions, exploring options, and getting solicit feedback. However, first you must have confidence in your ability so that you may understand the dynamics of a group and ultimately you may learn how to build and maintain relationships.

Despite all the advice and pointers I am able to provide you with, you might still face the challenge that I did. When I first started my placement, the common perception of how high school students tend to be-immature, irresponsible, and etc-was what my fellow colleagues thought of me. I had to overcome this perception so that they could trust me and give me opportunities for further learning experience. But, how do you change a certain opinion if in the first place you don't have an opportunity to? Hence, when I was being trained, I showed my abilities by correcting my trainer when I saw that she was not applying the specific steps she had given me. Thus ensuring that she knew that I was paying attention and taking this seriously. After that, I was no longer classified as a high school student, but rather as me, Sabika.

Once I overcame these initial challenges and showcased the skills I mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a co-op student at Novotel North York. I learned a lot about how it would be to work at an office from 8-5, how important it is to enjoy the work you do, and how beneficial it is to build and maintain relationships in a workplace.

I would like to end this letter by wishing you well in your endeavors and hoping you have an even more enjoyable experience than I had.

Your Well Wisher,

Sabika Panjwani

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