Canadian History The HIstory of the past

Sir John A Macdonald
Sir A. John Macdonald

Sir John A Macdonald was the first canadian prime minister and a very very big alcoholic. He would often get drunk at parties, social events or jury meetings and then his co prime minister , would take over when Sir Macdonald couldn't.

Sir John A. Macdonald

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The confederation happened in 1867 July 1. When Canada made an alliance with Nova scotia and New Brunswick. So canada could have more forces against america during their war.

All The Fathers Of Confederation
The confederation signed.
The Confederation building
Parliament Building
The Parliament Building

The parliament building was made when the confederation was signed, and their treaty of the alliance was made. They helped canada with the war against america, and won. Their alliance is still to this day.

British Flag and French Flag

The war of 1812 or the british vs france war, lasted from June 18 1812 to february 18 1815. It was one of the great wars canada had. It was a military war and the British (Canadians) won.


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