Ambler Rotary Wheel 2018 - 2019 Volume 94, Edition 24

April 30 dinner and May 2 bbq

It was that time of the month (no, not that time) where we ditched the lunch meeting and had an evening social event. This time, it was a two-fer with a joint evening dinner Tuesday night at From the Boot and then a Texas-style BBQ Thursday night at President Clint's casa. Rotarians from the North Penn and Blue Bell Clubs as well as the visiting Rotarians from the UK were all in attendance.

Our friends from the UK gave a very nice presentation at From the Boot Tuesday night. You will have to take my word for it because I did not take any pictures!

I did take a lot of pictures of the BBQ. Before we get to those, I want to give you a little background on the history of the ribs that I smoked. The recipe is actually from a fellow Rotarian from my previous Rotary Club in Culver City CA which was founded in 1905 - Bill Winn. Bill was a long time Rotarian and back when the Rotary Club was only open to men, Bill and his fellow Culver City Rotarians would host a holiday lunch for the communities leaders. It was a time of drinking, eating, telling of stories and planning of adventures.

After his death, the tradition of the Culver City Rotary Club Holiday Lunch lived on for decades and Bill's secret recipe passed down to a select few who could keep a secret. When I joined the Culver City Rotary Club in 2007, I was quickly accepted into the Bill Winn Rib Club and we soon started holding the rib smoking ceremony at my house. We smoked the ribs the weekend before the Wednesday Holiday lunch which had grown from a few dozen people to several hundred to not only celebrate the communities leaders (police, fire, ambulance, politicians, etc) but to collect thousands of toys for the kids of Marines who were serving and protecting our country.

The process of smoking the ribs starts on Friday night with the setting up of all the smokers - we had 10 large Weber smokers - and the mixing of all the secret ingredients of the "dip" we make to marinate the 250lbs of ribs in overnight. Yes 250lbs.

Saturday morning starts early at 6am with the rib crew showing up at my house to start the fires, season the ribs and get them smokin'. First things first though - it all starts with the opening of a bottle of whisky and the raising of our glasses to Bill Winn's legacy. Once the ribs are in their smokers we usually went to breakfast and then back to the house to sit around, smoke cigars and tell stories of long past. The tales grew from year to year of course.

After smoking the ribs for about 8 hours, we packed them up into coolers for Wednesday's lunch and then usually headed to dinner together with our spouses. Sunday morning was clean up day of course.

This weekend ritual had gone on for decades before me and has gone on since I left in 2012. Since then, I have kept the recipe a secret and have smoked the ribs for a few friends here and there. This past weeks BBQ was the first time I have resurrected the whole tradition for my new East Coast Rotary family. The Bill Winn Rotary Ribs tradition lives on and I hope that all who attended enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed smoking them.

I want to thank all those who helped and all those who brought side dishes and drinks. The BBQ was a lot of fun and the visiting Rotarians from the UK had a great time. There was even a rumor that an English Rotarian who did not eat meat had seconds.

The pictures that follow are the prepping, smoking and the BBQ itself!










  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it build GOODWILL and better friendships?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


BOARD MEETING - Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday the 14th at 5:30p at the Ambler Savings Bank. Please feel free to submit any questions or topics you would like for the Board to discuss or review.

CHANGEOVER DINNER!!!! Everyone is happy that Prez Clint's year is fast approaching an end. Changeover Dinner will be June 26th at the William Penn Inn. More info to come.


David Levy, sponsored by Michael Locati has subbmitted an application for membership. David is the owner of Software Maintenance Inc which he founded in 1982. He has a long history of volunteerism and currently serves as Captain of the Fort Washington Volunteer Fire Company.

Jens Rosmus, sponsored by Eric Faddis (again...) has submitted an application for membership. Jens is the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive located at 565 DeKalb Pike (adjacent to Montgomery Mall). Jens was involved in Interact in college and has a passion for service.


And....as you all know, I have been SLOW in getting out the newsletters each week. We are looking for someone to volunteer taking this over. If you have an interest and are computer minded, reach out to me at clint.ehlers@fastsigns.com and we can discuss further.


To encourage everyone to bring in new members, we are launching a contest where the winner will receive a Paul Harris Fellowship.

  • Bring a guest to lunch - 5 points for the first lunch, 10 points for 2nd visit and 25 points for 3rd visit
  • Double points for Wed Evening meeting!
  • Membership application - 100 points

CURRENT POINT LEADERS - Eric is climbing the board and knocking on Clint's door!

  • Clint Ehlers - 330
  • Eric Faddis - 220
  • Michael Locati - 115
  • Jim Auch - 110
  • Paul Kelly - 100
  • Walt West - 15
  • Sam Swansen - 5
  • Peter Urban - 5
  • Leigh DeTato - 5
  • Dick Target - 5

Whoever has the most points by May 30, 2019 will receive a Paul Harris Fellowship!

Clint posed a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to the club to have 100 members by the time the club turns 100 years old in 2025. That gives us just 7 years to grow our club.


If you have any ideas or requests for specific speakers, please email Jan at janthecarpetman73@gmail.com. Recommendations and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

5/8/2019 Pat Foley /Kristin Hillsley

5/15/2019 Mike Rudolf

5/22/2019 Tina Quinci

5/29/2019 Craft Talks by Mike Loccoti, Kate Harper, Jen Sweeney and Steve Lehman

6/5/2019 Cheryl Rice


Remember that if you can't fulfill your service obligation, please provide a suitable substitute


R.I. President, Barry Ressin

District 7430 Governor, Cindy Hornaman

Assistant District Governor, Area 9, Michael Seidner, North Penn

Ambler Rotary President 2018/2019, Clint Ehlers

Ambler Rotary Incoming President 2018/2019, Leigh DeTato

Ambler Rotary 2017/2018 2nd VP, Jan Sandler


May 03, 2019 – May 05, 2019: District Conference, Renaissance Allentown Hotel

Watch RIPE Barry Ressin as he gives the theme address (Click Here)

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