Ambler Rotary Wheel 2018 - 2019 Volume 94, Edition 15


January 9, 2019 meeting

With the start of our 2nd meeting of the new year, Prez Clint gaveled the meeting to order. We pledged, sang and prayed.

We were without the beautiful piano playing from Donna. We were sad to hear that Donna's husband was diagnosed with Cancer. Please keep them both in your prayers!


  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it build GOODWILL and better friendships?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


We had one Visiting Rotarian - PollyBeckam from the Blue Bell club graced us with her presence!


Jan was happy that he was at dinner and randomly saw another fellow Rotarian.

Steve Bass was happy about something more than trees.

Linda Kennedy was also happy.

Can you tell, that I cannot find my notes from the meeting?


Rotary Friendship Exchange - There are several Rotarians from the UK visiting PA April 30, May 1 and May 2 and Assistant District Governor Michael Seidner is looking for local Rotarians to help host. Typically you are expected to provide a bedroom and access to a bathroom as well as breakfast for three mornings. You may choose to accompany the visitors in their group activities which will probably include a visit to the Independence Hall area one day and a day in Doylestown.

  • The visitors are expected to pay for all their event tickets, lunches and dinners. Transportation to those venues will be provided by van so don't feel obligated to drive. We will hold a joint meeting the evening of Tuesday, April 30 with the Ambler and North Penn clubs to welcome the guests. If you are interested in hosting please email Michael at mrseidner@gmail.com

REGISTER FOR THE DISTRICT 7430 CONFERENCE- MAY 3-MAY 5, 2019. RENAISSANCE HOTEL AND SYMPHONY HALL - Allentown, PA. The Club will reimburse you for your registration fees AFTER you attend.

Thursday, March 21, 2019 Wissahickon High School First Annual Financial Reality Fair: Volunteers Needed!

  • Wissahickon High School is seeking 40 volunteers to support our First Annual Financial Reality Fair sponsored by TruMark Financial Credit Union. This event is an opportunity for every student in our junior class (300+) to learn budgeting basics – a critical and necessary life skill. During the Financial Reality Fair, students visit 14 different booths, manned by volunteers, to figure out their budgets for housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, and food - and some not-so-basics like technology, entertainment and travel. More info coming!


No new applications - come on man!


Arlene Daniels has done a wonderful job this past year reaching out to everyone and getting them scheduled for the different lunch tasks (greeters, prayer, etc). A complete list of weekly duties/schedule is always included in this weekly newsletter below which remains online. So please check it frequently if you are unsure if you are scheduled to serve.

And....as you all know, I have been SLOW in getting out the newsletters each week. We are looking for someone to volunteer taking this over. If you have an interest and are computer minded, reach out to me at clint.ehlers@fastsigns.com and we can discuss further.


To encourage everyone to bring in new members, we are launching a contest where the winner will receive a Paul Harris Fellowship.

  • Bring a guest to lunch - 5 points for the first lunch, 10 points for 2nd visit and 25 points for 3rd visit
  • Double points for Wed Evening meeting!
  • Membership application - 100 points


  • Clint Ehlers - 330
  • Paul Kelly - 100
  • Jim Auch - 10
  • Sam Swansen - 5
  • Peter Urban - 5
  • Walt West - 5
  • Leigh DeTato - 5

Whoever has the most points by May 30, 2019 will receive a Paul Harris Fellowship!

Clint posed a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to the club to have 100 members by the time the club turns 100 years old in 2025. That gives us just 7 years to grow our club.


Julie McCabe / Pennypack Farm & Education Center was our guest speaker. Again, very exciting talk and if I could find my notes then I would tell you all about it!

Pretty sure Cary took them......


Cary got his ticket pulled and he promptly pull a muscle and a white t from the bag.


If you have any ideas or requests for specific speakers, please email Jan at janthecarpetman73@gmail.com. Recommendations and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

January 2019

1/16/2019 Alexandra Tancredi

1/23/2019 Gary Curtis

1/30/2019 Margo Fine- Gabbay

February 2019

2/6/2019 Matt Zaun

2/13/2019 Bryne Tillman - Social sales link

2/20/2019 Ray Loewe - The Luckiest man in the world.

2/27/2019 Jen Sweeney - Community Ambulance Association of Ambler

March 2019

3/6/2019 Bob Lankin - Mass Incarceration

3/13/2019 Joe Gale - County Commissioner

3/20/2019 Cheryl Rice

3/27/2019 Carol Bauer - Garden of Health, Inc.

ASSIGNMENTS: (Chair - Arlene Daniels)

Remember that if you can't fulfill your service obligation, please provide a suitable substitute and call Arlene at 215-219-7620 to let her know or deal with…


R.I. President, Barry Ressin

District 7430 Governor, Cindy Hornaman

Assistant District Governor, Area 9, Michael Seidner, North Penn

Ambler Rotary President 2018/2019, Clint Ehlers

Ambler Rotary Incoming President 2018/2019, Leigh DeTato

Ambler Rotary 2017/2018 2nd VP, Jan Sandler


Mar 23, 2019: Rotary Foundation Gala

May 03, 2019 – May 05, 2019: District Conference, Renaissance Allentown Hotel

Watch RIPE Barry Ressin as he gives the theme address (Click Here)

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