Middle Ages Project 6th Period Jan Elvambuena

Crusades: Christian and perspectives

Facts 1.Feudalism & the manor system divided people, but the shared belief in Christianity unified medieval people.2.The The Catholic Pope became the strongest political leader in Western Europe.3.Priests controlled peoples’ access to heaven by delivering the sacraments & absolving sins.4.Medieval Christianity was so important that small churches were built on manors, but large cathedrals were built in cities.5.St Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica –provided a summary of Christian beliefs.

The Main Idea of the video is about how long the knights travelled from their kingdom to the holy land and what kind of peoples joined in the crusades


Crusades:Muslim Perspective

Facts:Occasionally religious fervor took hold and inspired people to participate in campaigns against the Crusaders, but much of the time people who didn't live around the Holy Land simply didn't worry about it - and even those who did sometimes signed treaties with Crusader leaders against rival Muslim kingdoms. As disorganized as they were, though, the Europeans were usually far worse.

The Video is about the experience of the muslims during the holy war what they did to fight back against the crusaders.

Part 3

First, the earliest military orders originated in Jerusalem in the wake of the First Crusade. A miltary order is a religious order in which members take traditional monastic vows—communal poverty, chastity, and obedience—but also commit to violence on behalf of the Christian faith.


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