Table Tennis Team Meetings

Need to break up the monotony of your team meetings?

Looking to add some creativity to your day?

Want to fit in some physical activity into your working day?

Look no further than our Table Tennis Team Meeting (TTTM) Programme!

Whats is TTTM?

Staff or student teams can book out our Table Tennis Arena (G11!) to hold their next team meeting.

Abertay Sport will set up the table tennis tables - all you need to do is turn up and play! We have 2 tables.

We will provide the bats and balls

No need to get changed but flat shoes should be worn

Why Table Tennis

Table tennis in the workplace can be a fantastic productivity tool and a great way for staff to relax, de-stress and interact.

Table Tennis is an ideal activity for those looking to create a more relaxed, collaborative and fun team meeting.

As little as 10 minutes of table tennis at a time provides physical and mental health benefits.

How to plan your TTTM

Set an agenda as normal (let your team know your playing Table Tennis in advance).

Try to keep the agenda light and focus on developing ideas or solving problems rather than information sharing or updates

Either break your meeting up by pockets of Table Tennis activity or have those sitting out doing the thinking whilst others play and swap around after a few minutes.

Take notes just like any other meeting - use you phone to record thoughts or your can use the whiteboard to scribble things down as you go.

Do I need to be any good?

No of course not. The focus is on the content of your meeting rather than who's good or not

Here's a few ideas for games

Rock up & Play

Doubles or singles? 1 bounce or 2? make your own rules up, go for it…just make sure you all agree on them and have them written down somewhere!

Round the World

After each shot you need to run to the other end of the table for your next shot. Miss the ball, table or arrive late and you loose a life. You need 5 players for this to work!

Winner Stays On

Play 1 point, best of 3 points or a whole game; whoever wins stays on the table and is challenged by the next person. Pick one side of the table as the Champ’s end so that everyone knows who the Champ is and who the challenger is.

The Longest Rally

Building the longest rally is both collaborative and competitive. The aim is to keep the ball in play for as many shots as possible, players will probably try to break each other’s record scores. This is a great game if there are lots of people all wanting to get involved and can be played in two ways: either players hit the ball and rotate around to the other side of the table ‘round the world’; or players hit the ball and go to the back of the queue on their side of the table….and then, you basically build the longest rally you possibly can e.g. keep hitting the ball backwards and forwards. Don’t forget to count the number of shots, or time how long you can keep going for!

Target Practice

It’s really easy to set up some simple target practice games, just gather some objects from the space around you (stapler, mug, glass, cuddly toy…) and place these on one side of the table, along with a player and a bucket of balls. Another player stands at the opposite side of the table and tries to return the ball, hitting a target. Add points for each target and see who can get the highest score!

How do I arrange a TTTM?

Email sport@abertay.ac.uk with the following info:

Preferred Date & Time of meeting (Meetings can take place between 09:30-11:45 & 14:00-16:00)

How many people will be attending (max 10)

Abertay Sport will then confirm the booking and send over a meeting request to the organiser along with a Risk Assessment

Attend the meeting, have fun, be productive and share your success with other teams within the University or on Twitter! (please tag us in any tweets - @AbertaySport


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