Harn Museum Caeleb dressel

Medium of the Art:

Nancy Graves piece really stuck out to me. The sculpture is based around music with many crazy and chaotic pieces. This is a very flamboyant piece and represents how music can be the one thing that ties us all together. Every culture has song and music. The different materials and pieces in the sculpture show the uniqueness of all of us and different cultures and how music is the center piece that brings us together.

Design of Museum

My favorite and the most calming room to me in the museum was the "buddha room". Im not sure what the exact name was but in the center piece of this circular room was a buddha statue. After reading Siddhartha I remembered has calm and peaceful the buddha was. This room has no corners and was just little ceramic bowls and buddha statues that I found calming, relaxing, and funny.

Art and Core Values

The piece I chose for art and core values was represented by a stone family. This statue does not resemble any human or animal but how I see it looks like a mother, father, and a child. My family means a lot to me and my mom and dad are my heroes. I try and visit them when I can and they have guided and helped me where I am today.I also see my older brother, older sister, and younger sister represented in this statue.

Art and the Good Life

This piece by Celeste Roberge shows the theme of courage and individuality for the good life. The item within the cages seem to be trapped and restrained not able to break out of their shell. I think to find the good life one must be comfortable with who they are and not be afraid to show the world with confidence what they are like and break out of their cages.

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Caeleb Dressel

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