All about Saturn By Izzy Zwirn

Saturn is a gas planet. Saturn is called the gem of the solar system.

Saturn is 74,898 miles / Diameter.

All kinds of pictures of Saturn.

Saturn distance from Sun 888.2m miles from Sun.

Interesting facts about Saturn.

Saturn is the least damp planet in the solar system.

Saturn takes 10 hours and 39 minutes to spin on its axis earth time

Video about cool facts for kids that wanna know about Saturn

Amazing facts about Saturn!!!

Saturn has 60 rings.

Saturn takes 10 Hrs and 39 min to orbit around the sun earth time

Saturn takes 10 hrs and 656 min to rotate on its axis once earth time

Saturn has 60 rings

Saturn has 87 moons

Saturn interesting facts

Saturn is sometimes called the gem of the solar system

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