Freedom Slaves By Tesla

Psychotic Supper

1991 | Rock

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“I pledge no allegiance to your flag. -- I feel I got me some damn good reasons for feelin' bad. -- Way they take away ev'ry mother's son. -- If you want freedom now, it's got to be won. -- It's only bullets. It's just a gun. -- Ain't gon' hurt no one."


  • The album his #13 on the Billboard 200.
  • In 2005, Psychotic Supper was #475 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.
  • Tesla was formed in Sacramento, California in late 1981 by bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon.


Luke Tatum

Nice stuff here from Tesla. "Freedom slaves" is a great title, highlighting this dichotomy between what we are told we are, and what we actually are. "Land of the free," only means so much when 40 percent of your income is stolen from you and all men must sign up to potentially have their lives stolen away, to make him "a stranger in a strange land." We may not know what war is coming next, but we know more are always on the horizon. How many wars will we fight? As many as the political class can sell to us. And who will fight these wars? Whoever the political class decides.

Sherry Voluntary

Dang, Tesla nails it in this song. So many “patriots” can’t tolerate anyone having any criticisms of The United States. Just look at the vitriol spewed at Colin Kaepernick for trying to protest police brutality, in what I thought was a quite respectful way. In the mind of those I call Bubbas, there is no way to respectfully protest when it comes to the sacred objects of The State. You always hear them say things like “It doesn’t matter how you feel, you should respect our flag and the men and women who died for your freedoms.” As if standing for the anthem or the pledge honors anyone. I say, if you really love and respect those who “fought for our freedoms,” (whole other conversation about that) then you should care more about stopping the war machine from making more dead soldiers than you do about who stands for the sacred objects of The State.

Nicky P

Slow clap for Sherry. Keeping American citizens and hell global citizens from dying in needless conflict should be the number one goal of humanity but strangely our political system just loves sending them off to die in harsh environments murding people who are victims of their own governments. This song knocks it way out of the park in this regard right in the opening lines. I could stop reading after the first paragraph and be completely o board with the songs message but it continues to hammer home how bullshit the war machine is and how it's a scam to gobble up people for this nebulous and never materializing "freedom." As long as any one of us can be sent to die with no recourse of our own we're all slaves.

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Nicky P