4A14 Kemonni Freeman

My name is Jordan freeman. I came from England my family went over board I live in the united states. I still have my mom and brother.I go to a new school I have one friend his name is Alexander Washington. he is very nice we met on the school bus I asked can I sit next to him and he asked to be friends. we live in a apartment a good neighborhood. lot of kids lots of babies. 3 kids live in the building. my favorite sport is basketball are season just ended.my first time i seen the statue of liberty i was so surprised 1 fact it was huge 2.it was a gift from France 3.named after it was very hard on the boat the food was realy gross i through up once

1.statue was a gift from France

2.named after goddes

3.holds torch for fredom

4.tablet for fourth of july


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