Comic strip A conversation between Natan and elana

Must meet you tonight! The usual place when the clock strikes twelve. Yours, E.
Nothing will keep me from you. Not all the sentries in the city. But what's wrong? Why'd you send me?
I overheard my father talking to the ammeister, Peter Schwarber. He told Papa that an assembly was held in the Alsace region. There were delegates there from the cities of Bern and Zofingen, and they claimed that the Jews in their town had poisoned the wells, causing an outbreak of the Black Death. They said that these Jews confessed to this crime under torture.
No wonder those poor Jews confessed. Wouldn't you confess to anything if you were tortured?
Anybody would! I'm only telling you what I overheard. Schwarber also told my father that these cities of Basel and Freibourg to join them in killing all the Jews in their own communities. (she grasped his arm) They asked the Ammeister and the other Strasbourg envoys to do the same.
What did he say?
He refused. He said that the Jews of Strasbourg pay dearly for letters of protection from the city. He also said that the Jews pay higher taxes than any other citizens, and they are important to the wealth of Strasbourg. He refused to harm the Jews in our city.

taking both her hands in his

Why are you so worried, then? The Ammeister stood up for us. He'll protect us.
How long can he keep you safe? I'm so frightened! You and your family must leave Strasbourg. It's dangerous for you to remain here.
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