1st 9 Weeks Review Jeremy hilton

Western Frontier

It all started with the idea of Manifest Idea, which was the idea that all the land in the west belonged to the white man, we killed off the Native Americans to take the land. We also made the Transcontinental Railroad which connected east to west.

Big Business

Monopoly=Where someone owns every aspect of a company. Andrew Carnegie=U.S. Steel. John D. Rockefeller=Oil. Cornelius Vanderbilt=Railroads.

Gilded Age

Called the Gilded Age by Mark Twain as a way to say it was false. Corruption at all gov't levels. It was corrupt because everybody turned a blind eye to what the big businesses were doing.

Progressive Era

Progressivism=Support for social reform. Had to change certain things, like women's rights, child labor laws, etc. The three progressive presidents= Roosevelt, Wilson, Taft. Muckrakers=People that exposed the problems in big business. Trustbusters=Presidents that tried to break down big business.


Imperialism=A policy of extending a country's influence through diplomacy or military force. New territories gained by U.S. during this time= Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines. We also built the Panama Canal.


First world war and it involved many, many nations. Called "The Great War" and "The War to end all Wars" because it was so huge. Lasted 1914-1918.

Roaring 20's

A time of wealth and prosperity and also a lot of change in America. People were living well. Brought up things such as flappers, prohibition, the Harlem Renaissance, etc.

Great Depression/New Deal

Great Depression was a time in the late 20's and through the 30's that was a time of terrible economic hardship in America. It all started with the Stock Market Crash of 1929, also called "Black Tuesday". It was a time when people would do anything they could to try and earn a dollar. Hooverville=Little shantytowns that were built with available materials on the outskirts of town and were called so because at the time, Herbert Hoover was President and he had a very Laissez Faire, or "Hands Off" approach to the whole scenario and believed that people should fend for themselves. New Deal=A series of programs brought about by President Franklin Roosevelt that were designed to help get us out of the Depression. Brought about the "Alphabet Soup", which was a series of programs like the FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, the FDIC, or Federal Deposit and Income Corporation, etc.


Second World War. Lasted 1939-1945. America got involved because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th, 1941. Actually got us out of the Depression because we came out on top. Brought up a lot of propaganda to get people to join and there was even propaganda to get women to work in the factories making parts for tanks and planes and stuff.

Cold War

A "war" between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted from about 1947 to about 1991. It was called a cold war because there were no battles and it was more a war on intelligence, or finding out what the enemy was doing. It mainly started because we had tested a nuclear bomb with the Manhattan Project and the Soviets got mad because we didn't tell them because we were allies during WW2. Also focused on stopping the spread of Communism, which is Capitalism's worst enemy.

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