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Hello, and welcome to Thew’s Photography’s Senior Session information Guide. I will be providing you with a lot of information in this guide to help you prepare for your Single most important session of your schooling career. We, (you and I), want this session to reflect who you are and showcase your personality. We will do this in a variety of ways. One with the session questionnaire and with the pre-session consultation.

Part of my job as your photographer is to relieve as much stress as possible before the day of the session. We sit, chat, and design your session to reflect who you are. I want to know who you are, what your style is, even what clothes you might wear. Until we sit down, Let me give you some helpful information that will help you to prepare…Shall we get started? Remember I hand out a copy of my senior session tips for you to take home, I give this out during our consultations.

First of all, who are you? What is your personality like? Do you love music, play music, sports, what makes you, well you? This is where your senior questionnaire comes in handy. There are a series of questions to help determine who you are and what your personality is like. I use this to personalize your session, so please be sure to answer the questions as honestly as you can.

Secondly, how do you want your session to feel? Are you more laid back, outgoing or quiet and shy? I want to know how to direct your poses, and what locations you want to use. Majority of my seniors choose 2 locations within 15 miles of each other and bring along about 4 outfit changes. (Guys might have only 2 and that is okay). Seriously, this is the time I want to know your thoughts. Parents too, your input is important as well. Please let me know any special poses, ideas, or locations you want to use. These really do add to bringing out your personality as well.

Okay, here is where my helpful tips come in…

  • Be Organized… Start a few days before, hair, nails, make-up and skin care!! Especially the nails as your hands are going to be in a LOT of shots. Now that doesn’t mean you need a manicure with polish - just neat, clean and trim. Go to a makeup counter at the mall and have them do a natural makeup application, or take the time to do it yourself. Take extra time to actually style your hair as well. These will all be photographed and I want you feeling your best and looking your best. The night before your session having something missing can be disappointing and could ruin your mood. So pull all your outfits, accessories, props and other items, together in one spot, so you are prepared.
  • Be on time…Arrive 10 minutes early and in your first outfit. This first outfit will normally be your formal outfit. Arriving early allows us to take care of any last minute details, so we can start your session on time.
  • Glasses…If you wear glasses, I suggest talking to your eye dr. and seeing if you can either borrow a pair of glasses similar to your own or have your lenses removed. Taking the glare out of an image isn’t always possible.
  • Wardrobe suggestions…Girls, sleeveless tops emphasize the upper arms and if you don’t want to show them off, cover them up. Miniskirts severely hinder the number of poses we can take, so if you choose to wear one, I will only photograph you standing. Also, if you are wearing makeup, be sure to bring it along with you so you can do touch-ups as needed. If wearing mascara or eyeliner, make sure it is not too thick as it can make you look like you are squinting even if you are not. Also make sure its waterproof, nothing worse than the wind catching your eyes just right and having the tears smear your beautiful eye makeup. Avoid being overly tan, as it could make you look orange. Remember tan lines will show, I can touch some of them up, but it’s better if you don’t have them. If you are dying your hair please do this at least one week prior to your session to ensure you’re your skin is not stained from it. Don’t forget your accessories, hats, sunglasses, purses, and Jewelry. These will help to add variety to your images. For more suggestions see my handout I give at my consultations.
  • Wardrobe suggestions…Guys, Please bring a variety of clothes. T-shirts, polos and or dress shirts. Not just 3 polo’s in different colors. Don’t forget the tie if you bring a dress shirt. Also don’t forget to bring matching belts and socks. Some portraits will include your feet, and you wouldn’t want those to ruin your images. If you are wearing an undershirt, make sure that it matches the shirt you are wearing and is one solid color. Also please have a clean fresh shave, (if you are shaving) as a 5 o’clock shadow cannot be removed. If you are dying your hair please do this at least one week prior to your session to ensure you’re your skin is not stained from it. For more suggestions see my handout I give at my consultations.
  • Camera Rules… Please remember, you are paying me for my time and talents, so no other cameras will be allowed, including cell phones. You will get sneak peeks, so just have some patience.
  • Craft a Music Playlist…Or if you want me to I can, Music is a powerful tool to bring out your personality. Playing a list of songs will really bring out who you are and the best of who you are. Like I have said before, when you feel good, you look good too.
  • Viewing and Ordering Appointment… In person ordering sessions are part of my process and your experience. I do not do online galleries so this is the only way to view your images. This appointment will be scheduled 7 days from your session (give or take a day) and will be scheduled at the time of your session. During your appointment you will view 25-30 images (unless otherwise specified) on my big screen. I start with a quick slideshow and then we go through each image. We will then discuss how you plan on displaying your images. We will go through all of the prints and products I offer and find what will best work for you. No prints or products will be made until payment for these is made in full.
  • Yearbook Photos…I am happy to provide 1 print or digital yearbook photo as part of your paid session fee. Please make sure to bring a copy of your yearbook requirement to leave with me. This will ensure that your photo meets the specifications. Please bring this to your portrait session so I have it ahead of time.
  • Scheduling and Cancellations… In order to hold your session date and time I require the full session fee ahead of time. We accept credit, cash or checks. Checks can be made out to Thew’s Photography. These sessions must be paid in full 3 days prior to your session, or it will be cancelled. RESCHEDULING…If you have to reschedule, please inform me within 24 hours in advance. Your session payment will be forwarded to your new date. NO SHOWS…If you do not show up for your session and do not call in advance, your payment will be forfeited. CANCELLATIONS...If cancelling your session, you must do so within 14 days of your session to receive a refund. If cancelled after the 14 days, your session fee is non-refundable.
  • Bonus…When you book and pay for your senior session in full, you will get a free family portrait session. ($150 value) You will also receive a free 8x10 print from your family session as our thank you for choosing Thew’s Photography for your senior session…
  • Copyright notice…All photographs taken by Thew’s Photography are subject to all U.S. copyright laws, and may not be copied or reproduced. Any reproduction of our photographs by anyone else other than Thew’s Photography is prohibited by Federal Law and prevented by your own integrity. Due to the fact that Thew’s Photography offers graduation announcements, a release will not be given for graduation announcements. One time only releases will be given for graduation cakes, and items that Thew’s Photography does not offer.

The following are for your pricing questions.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Email: thewsphotography@gmail.com
  • Phone/Text: 262-408-3342
  • Website: www.thewsphoto.com
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