Demographic and Social Makeup of the United States and its effect on culture 1900-1940s Noura & FAWZIAH

Total Population: 132.2 million

Most populous cities: New York, Chicago and Philadelphia

After World War II, Society had blind faith in the American Dream.

- The White race had the most concentration

- Religion: 25 million people were Catholic, 8 million were Protestant, and 5 million were Jewish

The rest were mainly either other branches of christianity (Baptist, Methodist Protestant,) or o atheist.

Language: In the early 1900s, there were English-only laws. Later, they were abolished when the influx of immigrants came into the U.S. The prohibition against speaking non-english languages on train platforms was 1923 and others followed

Culture and Social Makeup: - Most people were not education

- Most men went into the labor force at age 16.

Believed that hard work, likability, and blind faith in the American Dream would allow you to progress in life, rather than actually gaining knowledge.

- A Family Household, as described by the census, is a husband and wife, with one or more children.

- By 1940, 90% of families in the U.S were families which reflects the standards and conformity of the American Population to the “white picket fence house” stereotypes.

- 61% of people of 15 years or above were married in the 1940s.

- There was a higher % of the population under the age of 25 in the 1940s. This could contribute to the idealistic ideas that were present at the time.

Pop Culture: Musicals and Plays were at the height of popularity. Artists used this medium to examine social values.

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