IHappy ILife Ihome an apple producT

Here you have an apple, do you like apple. In apple compagnie we love this so in the house we add many apple as we can put in. So if you want to your kid's grow up a bit buy it NOW.

Here we have the bathroom. For some it the perfect room. You will ask me why and I would told you I don't know. But you have space to do your personal stuff. If you want we will continue the visit with the kitchen in 1 minute okay?

I told you there many apple in the house, you like it? Ok it's just a joke the real kitchen is come just pressed this and oh no not this one!!

Oups you was not suppose to see this so let's continue the visite to the real kitchen. It not pretty big so your cleaner could past easily. Your cooks start at 6 am and finish at 12 pm so please don't be hungry until they come back

You got the bedroom now. The only room that are soundproof ah ah good things when you get childrens (little monster). The bed are a king size so you could get 2-3 person on it except if it a fat person it just one.

The Magnifisence of this is you could customize your room when your want. It over the work, the cleaning and everything like this you got all you want with only 1 house. Did I convince you? No okay let's continue.

The living room are biggest than your wallet haha sorry heum. You get an automatic fire that could change in watherwer you want like a big squirrel. You get a free fur of giant badger to put on your cauch.

For finish we going to the backyard an automatic grass cuter will paste every week to cut the grass. You got a magestic pool to swim or drown somebody. A spa to warm up you during the winter

If I convince you, you could buy the Ihappy ILife Ihome for the price of 1 000 000 000 000. I now is expensive and I don't give a.

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