Last Letter To "Dr. Sullivan"

Personal Apprecitation

I personally enjoyed being in your class, i felt as if you developed my writing skills in a way I enjoyed. However, I'm also grateful to have a teacher that is understanding in helping me keep on track of things. By reason of this being my first year in college being a student athlete and having full time classes can be difficult. For that I wanted to let you know i appreciate that, because not to many professors at this level are helpful. Being in this class helped me learn there are different forms of writing and targeting audiences.

Contents of writing

Honestly, I do not think I struggled on any particular content of writing, but more in understanding the purpose. For example, our last essay was to address an issue that we find important in a real-world community. This topic was hard for me to find something to discuss about. For one how is what I'm writing suppose to get people to feel this is the right way to live. Even though I know my paper is not being publicized I like to imagine that it is,just to get me to write at my full potential whatever the content may be. I say that to say this, I take pride in writing no matter what the content of the essay, so I was hard on myself with this particular essay because i wanted what I wrote to move people.

Digital Platform of Writing

Being introduced to Adobe Sparks for the first time was interesting. I've never had a teacher/professor use any form of digital writing before. For the most part it wasn't difficult to use just something you have to play around with. Once I got adjusted to this format I really enjoyed using it, has many benefits to using it.


One thing I'm naturally good at is setting up the sequences of my paper. What I mean I sort of know how to start off my writing in a way it grabs the reader automatically. Whether it's by using a photo related to the topic being discussed or stared off with a story. Whatever I decide It's always in a way I can get my reader intrigued.


I could make some improvements on my persuasive essays. I do not feel I'm fairly good persuading. At least in a way I feel completely satisfied with turning it in with no hesitations. That has always been a struggle of mine, simply because I feel everyone is entitled to feel how they want about a situation. Also I would like to improve the way i end a paper. I feel my closures aren't good, due to the fake I just tapped out by the end.

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